William Ottis Romine Jr; Riverdale, GA 30274-1502

March 4, 2010

Christian BOOK OF LIFE = “Wall of Tolerance” in Montgomery, Alabama [materialized 2006 A.D.] [no real-world connection with the Southern Poverty Law Center].  In this blog, I am not telling someone what to believe politically; what I am doing is pointing out where the legitimate and valid scientific evidence legitimately points.  My political views are based on what is inferred from legitimate and valid scientific evidence and the legitimate use of the SCIENTIFIC METHOD.  It goes back to the quote of Thomas Sowell [B.A. – Harvard; Ph.D. – The University of Chicago] the black economist at the Hoover Institute:  “When you want to help someone, you tell them the truth.  When you want to help yourself, you tell them what they want to hear.”  That was Thomas Sowell [the most prominent black economist in the world] who compared the cries of “systemic racism” [and the tactics of the Southern Poverty Law Center] with NAZI propaganda tactics.  It is also this belief [on the political left] that one can economically create “something from nothing” while destroying the people who legitimately economically built the nation [and destroying all the economic capital used to operate the economy]. 

The results of the SCIENTIFIC METHOD [in economics, natural sciences, and social sciences] [under conditions of NORMATIVE MORALITY and NORMATIVE ETHICS] are not based on opinion.  Karl Popper [the philosopher who developed the procedures behind the SCIENTIFIC METHOD] left his legacy with the Hoover Institute [and the legitimate science points to the Hoover Institute].



Read Matthew 25:31-46 [I am going to remember [on judgment day] who had my back].  You had better believe that hell exists in your stated desire to erase me [and Christianity] from history, New Scientist magazine.  The same with those Jewish members of the United States National Academy of Sciences who posted a snake to show whose side they were on the apocalypse.  I am qualified for four Nobel Prizes [including the cocktail chemotherapy and the [now available] AIDS vaccine] [c.f., confirmed by Floyd Bloom, M.D., former editor, SCIENCE magazine; Anthony Fauci, M.D., Director, National Institute on Allergy and Infectious Diseases, NIH; and James Wagner, president emeritus, EMORY UNIVERSITY] [which responsible Jews compared with stopping the holocaust] [note that they are mostly Republican scientists [not part of the “politically correct” leftist academic crowd] who tell the truth about my scientific credentials] but am blacklisted [in science] by the “politically correct” academic left for reasons of fanatical left-wing ideological hatred.  I do not believe in censoring or lying about science [connected with the theory of evolution and human genetics] in a society that operates by a morally just [moral code and code of ethics].  That was Jane Eisner [when she was editor of the Jewish Forward] who stated [in connection with the THEORY OF EVOLUTION] [without ETHICS and MORALITY] “what did Hitler have against the Jews?”.  It is the science of political differences between people and whether or not one believes in the THEORY OF EVOLUTION [and this fanatical denial on the political left that the theory of evolution [and human genetics] exists – including in nervous, mental, and cognitive processes].

The most dangerous people [in the world] are those people [especially on the political left; including many of the faculty at the colleges and universities and some of the top scientific journals] who place ideological fanaticism over the use of honest science [in economics, natural sciences, and social sciences] [as acquired by the scientific method] under conditions of normative morality and normative ethics.

“It is usually futile to try to talk facts and analysis to people who are enjoying a sense of moral superiority in their ignorance” – Thomas Sowell [Hoover Institute].  However, I am going to try.

“You are dealing with sick people in positions of power” – Steve Rudelich [Jewish Republican whose family are Ukrainian Jews who are refugees from the terror of the former Soviet Union; read H. Montgomery Hyde, STALIN: THE HISTORY OF A DICTATOR; Hart-Davis, 1971; out of the Hoover Institute; 20 million people killed during Stalin’s reign of terror].   Pol Pot [communist dictator who murdered one-third of the population of Cambodia; KILLING FIELDS] was not a white supremacist, nor were Mao Tse-Tung [communist dictator of Red China], nor Tojo [Japan of WW-2].  Marxism has killed far more people than NAZIism ever did, but Marx was Jewish and Marx’s victims were not Jewish, so Marx gets whitewashed by the political left.  Also, there are more homicides in a week in the streets of Chicago than there are white nationalist killings in the entire United States in a year [to put things in a realistic perspective]. 

It is this fanatical belief [by the political left] in a “Marxist utopia” that operates by neither responsible laws of economics nor responsible laws of science.

My SAT, MCAT, and Medical Board scores [along with my official legally determined IQ] are posted further down below to back the accuracy and honesty of the material presented in this post [since I am presently blacklisted [by the colleges and universities] [with a Mafia style “code of silence”] due to Jewish hatred of Christianity [by certain parts of the Jewish community – the Jews not in the Book of Life; the Jews who worship at the synagogue of SATAN; Revelation 2:9 and 3:9] [and who my family is; even though we do not have “guilt by association” [including who your relatives are] in Anglo-American Law], ideological hatred by the political left, and the fact that I do not lie about or suppress research in [unlike the political left; including the academic left, some of the top scientific journals, and leftist media] economics, race, gender, or the field of human genetics].


1]  The honest use of science [as acquired by the SCIENTIFIC METHOD] [including in economics, the natural sciences, and the social sciences].  Karl Popper, THE LOGIC OF SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERY.  For religious fundamentalists who claim not to believe in the theory of evolution “a day to God may be one thousand years and a thousand years a day” – 2 Peter in the New Testament.  Einstein’s theory of relativity; a day to GOD may be eons to a human in the time scale of the universe in describing the six days of creation.  Quantum mechanics in physics [which implies a creator] states that perfection is not possible in our universe [the existence of sin; the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle]; one of Jesus’s most famous statements in the New Testament is “judge not lest ye be judged” [book of Matthew 7: 1-5] on other people’s imperfections [sins].  A true Christian does not judge someone on his or her sexual orientation or non-malicious sexual behavior; it was the birth control pill that permitted the sexual revolution.  Karl Popper also wrote the [2 volume] book THE OPEN SOCIETY AND ITS ENEMIES on the philosophy behind capitalistic liberal democracy [with a morally just independent judiciary] [with morally just property rights laws] based on the rule of morally just law with morally just limits to political power that a ruler can possess.  Karl Popper [considered the greatest philosopher of the twentieth century; a Christian – a Messiahnistic Jew] left his legacy with the Hoover Institute at Stanford University when he died.  I observe the economic miracle in INDIA since the nation made its capitalistic economic reforms [with morally just property rights laws] of 1991 A.D. and I also note that Chile is the only nation in South America [right now] that has a thriving economy.  When I read United States and world history [including about Japan [Since World War 2] and INDIA [since 1991 A.D.] ] I want to read about the people who legitimately built the United States and the world economies as part of the industrial revolution [as morally just capitalistic liberal democracies]; not read “politically correct” revisionist leftist “woke history”.  When a nation does not operate by responsible economic laws [and the work of Milton Friedman [1976 Nobel Prize in economics] [on monetarism and the money supply] is some of the most important work in economics of the 20th century] the economy of the nation gets destroyed.  I support all legitimate civil rights laws [based on the concept of an inclusive capitalistic meritocracy] [with a legally enforced code of business and employment ethics] except for affirmative action [because it discriminates against Asian Americans].

2]  The honest use of normative morality and normative ethics [to do as little harm as possible; that life has dignity and worth; including animal life as in People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals – PETA].  Michael Shermer, THE MORAL ARC: HOW SCIENCE AND REASON LEAD HUMANITY TO TRUTH, JUSTICE, AND FREEDOMShelly Kagan, NORMATIVE ETHICS; the works of Immanuel Kant.   Michael Shermer [a Jewish Republican] is one of the editors of SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN [of the NATURE [LONDON] magazine publishing group]; Shelly Kagan is a Professor of Philosophy at Yale University.  ETHICS and MORALITY [with the existence of MORAL RESPONSIBILITY] [with judicial remedies and theological consequences] are what de-NAZI-fy the theory of evolution in humans [SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST and BEST OF THE BREED] and place limits and boundaries on the behavior of people in society.  Humanity has a MORAL RESPONSIBILITY to take care of its weakest and most vulnerable people.  Morality implies FAIRNESS and JUSTICE [not perfect equality].  Brain surgery is vastly different from taxi driving.  Each person is unique, genetically [except for identical twins], which states that one deals with people as individuals and not as groups or on a “one size fits all” basis.  It is this fanatical denial [by the political left] [including by some of the top scientific journals] [including by the staff at the Southern Poverty Law Center] that human genetics and the theory of evolution even exists.   Also, I can get a DNA analysis and be told my precise racial and ethnic makeup, in response to the “politically correct” lie that “race does not exist”.

What a person considers “good looking” in the appearance [of a person] is probably genetically programmed [as an evolutionary instinct] as relating to good physical health connected with reproductive fitness.  Hugh Hefner [the late owner of Playboy Enterprises] was not a hypocrite.  We do not know [from scientific investigation] how much of this instinct is for a person of the person’s own race.

I [also] support the policies of Consumer Union [publishers of Consumer Reports] [and the Better Business Bureau] as a MORAL RESPONSIBILITY in society [to protect the public from unscrupulous people and businesses].  I consider objective standardized psychometric examinations [such as the SAT, the ACT, the GRE, the MCAT, and the LSAT] [designed based on the use of the SCIENTIFIC METHOD] to be part of consumer protection in education [along with grades –  in an educational system where grades [and class rank] have any objective meaning] [as well as making sure that admissions into an educational institution are based on fairness and justice].  I do NOT support the use of the term “diversity” as a racist ideological “code word” to discriminate against better-qualified people.  As the Hoover Institute asked, “do you want your brain surgeon or airline pilot selected based on left-wing diversity criteria or objective, unbiased qualifications?”.

Lawrence M. Krauss, THE IDEOLOGICAL CORRUPTION OF SCIENCE [Wall Street Journal, Editorial, July 12, 2020 A.D.]; it is about the subversion of science to ideology by the political left [including at the universities, by some of the top scientific journals, by the leftist media, and by the staff at the Southern Poverty Law Center].

THE INSIDIOUS INFLUENCE OF THE SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER, Wall Street Journal, January 21, 2017 A.D.; Editorial pages. 

FAKE NEWS FROM THE SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER, October 12,, 2017 A.D.; Wall Street Journal; Editorial Pages. 

WHAT IT IS LIKE TO BE SMEARED BY THE SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER, Wall Street Journal; September 11, 2017 A.D.; Editorial Pages.   

WE WERE SMEARED BY THE BY THE SPLC, Wall Street Journal; April 3, 2019 A.D.; Editorial Pages. 

The Southern Poverty Law Center [outright and bald-facedly] lies about science in race, gender, and human genetics and then calls you a racist or a white supremacist [or a hate group] [as a psycho sick smear term] [for fanatical ideological reasons] if you cite honest science on race, gender, and human genetics.  The staff at the Southern Poverty Law Center are avowed communist [an ideology I consider in the same hate league as NAZIism] and the Southern Poverty Law Center appears to be a communist front organization.  Read this link on the Southern Poverty Law Center [SPLC] by DISCOVER THE NETWORKS [the website operated by David Horowitz to monitor the activities of the political left].

LIBERAL FASCISM [Jonah Goldberg; former Editor, National Review; Crown Forum; 2009 A.D.; 1st Edition].

Also, as David Horowitz [founder of DISCOVER THE NETWORKS and the DAVID HOROWITZ FREEDOM CENTER] correctly points out, slavery was a standard part of human history [in almost all societies] until white European Christian abolitionists led the opposition [for moral reasons] to slavery.  This is in response to the propaganda based “guilt trip” piece by the New York Times called the 1619 PROJECT [along with the political left’s war on Christianity].  It was also the Christian churches that tamed the so-called “wild west” of the 19th century United States.

IQ is about 70% genetic in people [based on identical twin studies].  Yes, in the real world of the theory of evolution and human genetics it is desirable for someone with a high IQ [and many talents] to have many offspring and for someone with a low IQ [and few talents] not to breed.  Thus, eugenics [in this context] has not been discredited and it has no connection with NAZIism.

THE BELL CURVE:  INTELLIGENCE AND CLASS STRUCTURE IN AMERICAN LIFE [Richard Herrnstein [late professor; Harvard University] and Charles Murray [emeritus staff; American Enterprise Institute; B.A. – Harvard University; Ph.D. – MIT]; 1994 A.D.] is based on sound science as ascertained by the SCIENTIFIC METHOD [see MAINSTREAM SCIENCE ON INTELLIGENCE letter in the Wall Street Journal [December 13, 1994 A.D.] signed by 52 top intelligence researchers – that this work is scientifically valid under the conditions of the SCIENTIFIC METHOD – irrespective of the lies and defamation of the Southern Poverty Law Center; Charles Murray wondered about how many of the signatories of this letter had had their jobs and careers threatened for signing this letter].  As Thomas Sowell [economist [B.A. – Harvard; Ph.D. – University of Chicago] at the Hoover Institute] states, THE BELL CURVE is demonized by sick demagogues [especially the staff at the Southern Poverty Law Center] who only hear what they want to hear.

REAL EDUCATION [Charles Murray; 2008 A.D.]. 


THE BLANK SLATE: THE MODERN DENIAL OF HUMAN NATURE [Steven Pinker; endowed chair, Harvard University; Viking Press; 2002 A.D.].

BEFORE THE DAWN: RECOVERING THE LOST HISTORY OF OUR ANCESTORS, [Nicholas Wade; former Editor, Nature magazine; Penguin Press, 2006 A.D.].

A TROUBLESOME INHERITANCE: GENES, RACE, AND HUMAN HISTORY [Nicholas Wade; former Editor, Nature magazine; Penguin Press, 2014 A.D.].

WHO WE ARE AND HOW WE GOT HERE: ANCIENT DNA AND THE NEW SCIENCE OF HOW WE GOT HERE [David Reich; Professor, Harvard University; Pantheon Books, 2018 A.D.].

THE 10000 YEAR EXPLOSION: HOW CIVILIZATION ACCELERATED HUMAN EVOLUTION [Gregory Cochran and Henry Harpending; Basic Books; 2009 A.D.]




Most of these authors are Republicans and Libertarians who deal with science honestly in the evolutionary [development and manifestation] of behavior and the nervous system.


  a] The Southern Poverty Law Center and related political leftists [including at some of the top scientific journals] who basically deny that human genetics and the theory of evolution [in humans] even exists. 

  b] Religious fundamentalists: A day to God might be eons to a person in the six days of creation [Einstein’s theory of relativity]. 

  c] Atheist [spin-based quantum mechanics [in physics] [and the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle] which implies a theological creator;  the existence of ethics and morality in society and in law; laws have to be morally just laws]. 

  d] Climate change denialists.  Nixon started the EPA in 1973.


QUANTUM PHYSICS AND THEOLOGY: AN UNEXPECTED KINSHIP [John Polkinghorne, Yale University Press, 2009 A.D.]. 

THE CREATOR AND THE COSMOS [Hugh Ross, Ph.D.; 3rd Edition; 2001 A.D.; Reason to Believe Press].

The black person for whom I have the most respect is the black economist, Thomas Sowell [B.A. – Harvard; Ph.D. – University of Chicago] at the Hoover Institute.   

DISCRIMINATION AND DISPARITIES, Thomas Sowell [Hoover Institute]; [Basic Books, 2019 A.D.].

“You have two choices.  You can live with race and gender disparities in society or you can live in a totalitarian society” where there is massive subjective totalitarian social engineering that has no sense of fairness and justice at the individual level [posted at the American Enterprise Institute website].

“I have never understood why it is greed to want the keep the money you have earned but not greed to want to take someone else’s money” – Thomas Sowell [Hoover Institute]. 

“Since this is an era when many people are concerned about ‘fairness’ and ‘social justice’, what is your fair share of what someone else has worked for?” – Thomas Sowell [Hoover Institute]. 

“When you want to help people, you tell them the truth.  When you want to help yourself, you tell them what they want to hear.” – Thomas Sowell [Hoover Institute].  This is especially applicable to the political left [the people who tell people what they want to hear] [the people who believe that one can economically create something from nothing]. 

“Socialism works as long as one has other people’s money to spend” – Margaret Thatcher [former Tory British Prime Minister].  What happens when one runs out of other people’s money [via theft or confiscatory taxation] and one has succeeded [in the process] in destroying all the people who legitimately built the economy [along with destroying all the economic capital [needed and used] to operate the economy].  Great Britain had effectively become an economic third world nation [especially due to the economic greed of the labor unions who had destroyed the economy] at the time that Margaret Thatcher came into power.

“Nowhere is the gap between the rich and the poor greater than in those economies that do not allow the free market to operate” – the late Milton Friedman [1976 Nobel Prize in economics]. 

“Poor people are not poor because of exploitation or bias but because they do not produce” – Thomas Sowell [Hoover Institute].

“Since wealth is the only thing that can cure poverty, you might think that the left would be as obsessed with the creation of wealth as they are with the redistribution of wealth. But you would be wrong.” Thomas Sowell [Hoover Institute].

Before people make vicious attacks on capitalism, learn some of the real world [not “politically correct”] science of economics.  The universe does not operate on “something from nothing” principles, including in economics.  In capitalism, wealth is not stored as “gold in a vault”; it is actively invested [as economic capital] into business [and making the economy grow and creating good-paying jobs].  The Hoover Institute has pointed out [with hard evidence] that the poor [in the long run] have done better economically [in absolute economic terms] under ethical capitalism [capitalism with a moral compass; under the rule of morally just law where companies and their CEO’s judicially answer to the legal system] [with the acknowledgment that some issues are better handled by the government] than any other economic system.

It is also this belief [by some people] [including by some of the human rights organizations] that the United States and the West are a “black hole” in terms of immigration policies and economic aid.  I think we have a right to tie foreign aid to responsible economic and political reforms by the recipient of this aid and screen immigrants in a responsible manner such that it benefits the nation.  I also think we have a right to demand that immigrants assimilate into Western [occidental] Culture [with a deep respect for the scientific method, a deep respect for scientific honesty, a deep respect for honest [not “woke”] education based on honest facts, the rule of morally just law, liberal democracy, and a deep respect for capitalistic economic development].  There are reasons that Western Culture has dominated the world for the past several centuries [not all cultures are created equal] and Japan [post WW-2] and INDIA [after 1991 A.D.] have imported many aspects of Western Culture. 

Also, I worked in the civil rights movement in the 1960’s but I do not hate white people either [c.f., David Horowitz’s reports on anti-white racism].

3] A total commitment [including trustworthiness] to the covenant between GOD and ABRAHAM, as revised in the New Testament [Book of Hebrews] [and applied to the second coming].  The covenant between GOD and ABRAHAM is found in the series of science fiction novels by Edward E. Smith [pen name]:





SECOND STAGE LENSMAN [the sealing of SATAN in the abyss]

CHILDREN OF THE LENS [God’s promise to Abraham that it would be his descendants]

When you read these books, you will understand the covenant between GOD and ABRAHAM.  The FREEMASONS [London] and the JEWS [Jerusalem] are the two chosen covenant bloodlines for the WEDDING BANQUET OF THE LAMB [Revelation 19: 6-9].  In 1957 A.D., the Ph.D. dissertation of Hugh Everett was performed at the Institute for Advanced Studies at Princeton on the existence of the MULTIVERSE [parallel universes] in QUANTUM MECHANICS [the “many-worlds interpretation”] suggesting that the Lensman Series of science fiction novels was divinely inspired [the reason Heisenberg won a peace prize in 1957 A.D.].

Has anyone ever wondered why Hitler’s body was never recovered and the Jews were specifically chosen for extermination [Garlane of Eddore [the science fiction version of SATAN] realized that there was a real threat to its existence in the Jewish bloodline].

I am currently a human trafficking kidnap victim and identity theft victim [my wallet was stolen at the Jewish owned Atlanta Center for Medical Research; part of pharmaceutical company drug trials [2005 A.D.]; apparently part of a carefully arranged “set up”; and supplied to my brother] of my brother [David Glenn Romine, 407 Long Branch Way, Canton, GA 30115] [who is a member of the Ku Klux Klan] who is working with the Mafia [Galardi family of Mafia Dons] to acquire the estate [Time-Warner, CNN, Time-Warner Cable, Turner Broadcasting] of the late murdered [by the Mafia] Charles Koch that was left to me for ending the AIDS epidemic with the cocktail chemotherapy [1995 A.D.] and the AIDS vaccine [2004 A.D] [page 1; page 2] [the “flu shots” and “allergy shots”].  Right now, AT&T [Warner Media] and Charter/Spectrum Communications [Time-Warner Cable] own stolen property.   These facts [especially that I am the person who ended the AIDS epidemic] can be verified by Floyd Bloom, M.D. [former editor of SCIENCE magazine], Anthony Fauci, M.D. [Director, National Institute on Allergy and Infectious Diseases, NIH], and James Wagner [President Emeritus of EMORY UNIVERSITY – where the vaccine was developed].

George Sachs [formerly at UAB; University of Alabama in Birmingham] [now at UCLA] is calling Simon Wiesenthal [the NAZI hunter] if he is given a human trafficking “sugar-daddy” the way I was at UAB [1971-1980 A.D.] [a hate crime committed against me by the so-called Jewish “freedom riders”, and the Southern Poverty Law Center – working with the Mafia] for no other reason that I was a white person with roots in the rural south [and who I was in Jewish hatred [by certain parts of the Jewish community – the Jews not in the Book of Life] of Christianity – Christianity does not recognize the Jews as the race destined to govern humanity [nor does it recognize Judaism as a separate religion] although it does recognize the Jewish people].  The Jewish leadership at the Southern Poverty Law Center [Morris Dees, Mark Potok, and Heidi Bierich; the latter being the architect of the infamous smear list of alleged “hate organizations”] was ousted by the Federal Courts in 2019 A.D. [the chickens came home to roost in connection with the fact that the Southern Poverty Law Center claims that they take no prisoners].   The Jewish president, Claire Sterk, of Emory University was ousted by the Federal Courts as president of Emory University in 2019 A.D. .

Do a Google Search on “splcenter” + “Romine Jr”.


The design and development of DISCRETE KALMAN FILTERS.  I wrote the most accurate Kalman Filter [a self-tuning Kalman Filter] [in the computer programming language FORTRAN] that had ever been developed in history [Kalman Filtering is used in RADAR tracking and was developed at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology as part of the Apollo Space Program].


B.S.E.E. – Johns Hopkins University; Whiting School of Engineering; 3/4 completed; GPA 3.8/4,0; class rank 5/144 [hired by Westinghouse Defense [now part of Northrop-Grumman]; Baltimore, M.D.; 1985 A.D. at the end of my junior year].

Medical Student, Basic Sciences, University of Alabama in Birmingham, 1977-1979 A.D.; composite part I NBME scores 700 [98%]. 

Had to leave medical school due to [now treated] schizophrenia in 1979 A.D. [read SCIENCE and NATURE magazines, 1987-1988 A.D. [series of papers published [specifically with me in mind] when I was at Westinghouse Defense] on mental illness, alcoholism, substance abuse, and the Nobel Prize; “many mental patients are getting well thanks to advances in pharmacology” [SCIENCE magazine, 1987 A.D.]; thanks to Leo Cherrick, M.D. at Sheppard Pratt Hospital in 1983 A.D.].  Also, something is evolutionarily selecting for the genes behind all the major mental illnesses [since the African Exodus in human evolutionary migration [in evolutionary anthropology] took place about 65,000 years ago and the illnesses occur in all the major racial and ethnic groups; thus, there is apparently a reason that the illnesses have existed for at least 65,000 years without dying out due to natural selection.  In the subclinical manifestation of an illness, a major mental illness must have an evolutionary survival advantage – the major mental illnesses [biochemical brain disorders of behavior] are about 40-50% genetic [versus environment] based on the identical twin studies.

The main major mental illnesses are now 70-90% curable with medication [depending on the specific mental illness] [something not widely known by the general public].  Data from the National Institute of Mental Health.  UAB [when S. Richardson Hill was president of the university] was the medical school [in Nancy Andreasen’s book THE BROKEN BRAIN: THE BIOLOGICAL REVOLUTION IN PSYCHIATRY, 1984] that screened based on family history of mental illness [in violation of Federal Law] in their admissions policies while permitting General Motors heirs to buy positions in the medical school class.  UAB did not  let me in a favor, because they deliberately banned anyone [who they were aware of] who came from a family with a family history of mental illness.  For the record, I support the treatment policies [in mental illness treatment] advocated by the Treatment Advocacy Center operated by E. Fuller Torrey, M.D. . 

SURVIVING SCHIZOPHRENIA, [E. Fuller Torrey; 2019 A.D.]. 

SURVIVING MANIC-DEPRESSION: A MANUAL ON BIPOLAR DISORDER [E. Fuller Torrey, M.D. and Michael B. Knable, D.O.; 2005 A.D.].


Individual Part I NBME scores [taken 1979 A.D.]:  625 [92%] – Anatomy; 625 [92%] – Biochemistry; 665 [96%] – Physiology; 665 [96%] – Pathology; 585 [85%] – Behavioral Sciences; 735 [99%] – Pharmacology; 775 [99%] – Microbiology, Immunology, and Infectious Diseases. 

MCAT Scores [1976]:  725 [99%] – verbal; 735 [99%] – mathematical; 575 [77%] – General Information; 795 [99%] – Science [200-800 scale]. 

GPA 3.71/4.00 [in undergraduate coursework at UAB].

GPA 3.64/4.00 [in graduate coursework at UAB where I obtained my Ph.D.].

NIH Fellowship [Cambridge University] [NINDS]; 1976 A.D.; Fellowship awarded but not activated [proof of Ph.D. requirement] due to my dissertation not being completed in time.

Ph.D.; 1977 A.D. – National Science Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship [fellowship supplied by Henry Kissinger].  Over 15 scientific publications [including two in NATURE [LONDON] magazine]. 

B.A.; 1973 A.D. – New College [Sarasota, Florida]; Biology [with emphasis on the theory of evolution; a “no-no” major in leftist parts of the academic community; one of the reasons that I am blacklisted despite having come up with the concepts behind the [now available] AIDS vaccine]; Undergraduate thesis published [with me as senior author] in NATURE [LONDON] magazine.

Three 800’s on my SAT’s.   I.Q. – 195; taken by Leo Cherrick, M.D. [in 1983 A.D.] at Sheppard Pratt Hospital when I was treated for schizophrenia.