William O. Romine Jr [2]

William Ottis Romine Jr

Riverdale, GA 30274-1502

[770] 213-5113; [770] 213-1955 [VoIP]

legal heir of TIME WARNER [tied up in probate at present].

67 years of age [at present; 2019 A.D.]



Amateur Radio [Novice Class examination passed at age 11, General class examination passed at age 12, Advanced Class examination passed at age 14; call WA4QNJ; presently expired].

1969, 1st place, Mathematical Association of America Competition, Shades Valley High School, Homewood, Alabama. Three 800’s on my SAT’s [Math Level II, Physics, Chemistry].

1971-1972: wrote quantum chemistry software in FORTRAN to perform basic HUCKEL CALCULATIONS on molecular orbital theory in aromatic molecules [done in conjunction with organic chemistry].

This was NOT advanced quantum mechanical work and involved no relevant coursework [the reason that I was unaware at the time of the Heisenberg limits in QM].

The main accomplishment is that I became thoroughly fluent in FORTRAN as a programming language.

1973: Did undergraduate work at University of Alabama at Birmingham [School of Medicine] that resulted in my undergraduate thesis and its being published in the journal NATURE [LONDON] as senior author.

1974: Won National Science Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship [Physiology].

1974-1976: Published four papers on the isolation of the acetylcholine receptor and its reconstitution in lipid bilayer membranes [one in NATURE [LONDON], 1974]; the work was stopped because of political

problems between my graduate advisor and the referees and not because the research was invalid. [Jain’s work used commercially purchased acetylcholinesterase, not the actually isolated acetylcholine receptor and

de Robertis did not actually measure molecular quantum events like we did. This is my reply to the “smears” about my work.]

1976: Published paper in JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS a paper showing [in classical statistical mechanics] how to derive ALL rate constants in a chemically reactive system

[to the limits imposed by the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, which generally do not play a significant role in chemistry and biology in reaction rates]. The paper was plagiarized by Terrill Hill and Y-D Chen [I had sent him a preprint] but this came out after it was shown that I have a “date received for publication” six months before Terrill Hill. He even copied the original title off the paper [showing how big a deal the discovery was].

Published a total of four papers on this subject between 1976 and 1984. The last paper was an extension of the theory to macroscopic levels for MULTISPECTRAL CHEMICAL RELAXATION SPECTROMETRY.

1976: Won an NIH fellowship to Cambridge University to the laboratory of Dr. Denis Haydon in biophysics and membrane receptor reconstitution.

1977: Finished my Ph.D. dissertation on studies [by fluctuation analysis of the power spectra of the antibiotic, alamethicin, in lipid bilayer membranes] of the ion channel gating kinetics of antibiotics in membranes.

1977-1979: Went through medical school basic sciences. My Freshman year [early] I went on the anti-anxiety drug ATIVAN, which settled me down enough to finish basic sciences but I had to leave in clinical medicine due to my schizophrenia [untreated at the time]. Managed to make nine A’s, one B, and two C’s in basic sciences in spite of the schizophrenia.

1980: Spent six months in the lab of Charles Johnson Jr at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill before having to leave due to schizophrenia. I lived at home until 1983 at which time I entered Sheppard Pratt where Leo Cherrick got me well fast using a dual anti-depressant/anti-schizophrenic drug, Amoxapine.   Leo Cherrick was fired by the psychiatric charlaton, Dr. Raphel Nigrin, because he wanted to get me well [Dr. Nigrin killed the former patient Don Sanson [in 1983] by keeping him a year at Sheppard Pratt Hospital without placing him on any medication [for agoraphobia] and then dumping him into a VA hospital].  Former President James Wagner of Emory University tried to get him deported back to Turkey [for killing people via medical profiteering], but the power of corrupt [and organized crime connected] parts of the Jewish community prevented this action.

1983: September to December, worked as a computer programmer at Fine-Marquart. ********YEAR THAT I WAS PROPERLY TREATED FOR SCHIZOPHRENIA******** thanks to Leo Cherrick.

1984: Worked in the lab of Dr, Bruce Krueger until entering Johns Hopkins University in Electrical Engineering. No one ever treated me as well as Dr. Krueger, and he provided me with health insurance while at Hopkins.

1985: Hired in August 1985 as a direct hire out of Hopkins [as a junior just finishing his junior year] by Westinghouse Defense and Electronics Center.  Number 5/144 in Engineering Class.

1985-1988: Engineer at Westinghouse Defense and Electronics Center [now Northrop-Grumman]. Design and analysis of discrete Kalman Filters. I developed the code for a self-tuning Kalman Filter [in FORTRAN] that, when field tested, was the most accurate Kalman filter that had ever been developed in history [the B-1B bomber guidance system]. Written up in the Baltimore Sun.

1989-present: On disability after undergoing malpractice during alcoholism treatment. I am OK now, except that it is hard to get off disability when mentally ill [even when treated]. Came up with a cure for HIV while on disability in the form of a vaccine [2004] in an email outlining the correct approach for a vaccine [to president Wagner at Emory]. Developed by Emory into a functional vaccine. Also discovered MULTIMODAL CHEMOTHERAPY of using multiple drugs at the same time [cocktail chemotherapy] that ended the AIDS epidemic and was the biggest breakthrough in infectious diseases treatment since the discovery of penicillin.   My publications and considerable professional information connected with myself and my research are located at the website at www.PhDTree.org under “William Ottis Romine Jr” [along with comments]. I have a documented Ph.D. [with a documented NSF Predoctoral Fellowship] and a documented NIH Postdoctoral Fellowship to Cambridge University [awarded 1976 but not activated] to the laboratory of Denis Hayden. There is a good bit of information that should unconditionally clarify the issue of Identity Theft and Identity Fraud [common with the disabled, and done by my brother, whose real name in Holly Springs [or Canton] Georgia is “David Glenn Romine”] which he performed on me with the help of biblically corrupt Jews at the Southern Poverty Law Center [among other places] who have a sick psychopathological hatred of Jesus and Christianity [and manipulate the fundamentalists, such as my brother, to do unacceptable actions [and fire female managers [Jodi] who show show romantic interests and empathy for me]. I am aware that the Jews [who worship at the synagogue of Satan; Revelations 2:9 ; 3:9-13] desire to erase Jesus from all of history. This is going to be interesting match between me, corrupt Jews, and the “Good ol’ boys” in the cosmic chess game that is going on [the Wedding Banquet of the Lamb is called “White Wedding” [has to do with the requirements for a Jewish wife, not racial supremacism, by Billy Idol]. JUST empathy comes from being able to put oneself in another person’s position. What I do remember is that ex-Mayor Bloomberg proved to be a quite competent mayor of New York City [as a billionaire] [as long as they remember that they serve others]. I have been very upset over Jodi [the former Manager at InTown Suites –  yes, we did get romantically involved with each other] being fired over caring for me. There are also issues between the Sicilian Mafia, its Jewish collaborators, and me – I am still standing, boys, after all this time. So you state that Florence Sari is “too sexy for me” [so that you can use her as a sex slave]; we will see who the Wedding Banquet of the Lamb ultimately is with [my Jewish penultimate]. God does not admit people on “power trips” into the Book of Life, Morris Dees, which I am in and you are not. You are the one who is on a power trip. I want to remind Morris Dees that “envy” is also one of the seven deadly sins, [as well as “greed”] and with your $500,000,000 Jewish slush fund for the “Jews who worship at the synagogue of SATAN” [Revelation 3:9] I question who is the real victim of greed. Only a very sick person [Morris Dees] would call the editor of SCIENCE and NATURE magazines [Nicholas Wade; degree, Cambridge University] a “scientific racist”. Or a person with an ulterior hidden agenda [race war]. Read SCIENCE and NATURE magazines, 1986-1989 in mental health and substance abuse [“many mental patients are getting well”]. By the way, I stand by my letter to NATURE [LONDON] in 1977 [“keep politics [not ethics and morality] out of science”]. The illnesses are, in many cases, highly treatable. The stigma in mental illness is how psychopathic lawyers like Morris Dees use it for sick political agendas. Go to Montgomery, Alabama and see for yourself that the Book of Life exists; it is NOT PART OF THE SPLC.    And the leftist lawyers [to the Vietnam Vet] who took his [the Vietnam War Veteran’s] wife and kids in protest of the Vietnam War Veterans by treating them like shit.

JUST empathy is what Jimmy Carter & Jeff Bezos felt for me because I got a royal screw job by sick Jewish Supremacists [human trafficking in graduate school] and the scientific profession [blacklisting for political reasons].

There are ABSOLUTE standards of right and wrong [including in law]. Laws have to be JUST LAWS in order to be enforceable. I have Kabbalah established [now] such that a person cannot lie in Federal Court Proceedings on any issue involving anyone in the Book of Life. We will get to the truth as the Federal Court proceedings continue. As I stated there are reasons that SCIENCE magazine stated that “many mental patients are getting well with advances in pharmacology” [1987 at Westinghouse].

There was a thing called a learning curve in learning how to use my powers with precision and in identifying my real allies [including in learning who my real friends are and were, which are not always on the left]. My Kabbalah, now, does not

operate based on the names of people but rather on the intent of a person and whether an action is just or not. To the Jews [not in the Book of Life] who like to bash WalMart, I note that the owners of WalMart ARE in the Book of Life, whereas many of WalMart’s critics are not. WalMart delivers. My interest in the Tech Giants has to do with the preservation of the Anglo-Saxon legal system with all its integrity, which is the best [without a doubt] legal system in the world [including in all of history] [as an OPEN SOCIETY]. When one has a truly fair and just legal system where one can acquire true justice for a wrong, then the leaders are not inclined to have problems with revolts and revolutions. I have nothing against rational immigration but I want immigrants to assimilate into our culture and our legal system if they intend to stay in our country. The Wall Street Journal had a long article discussing what it was about Western Culture that got the West rich while the rest of the world remained poor [it has nothing to do with racism or colonialism, the American Indian notwithstanding]. [I am not in disagreement with the fact that the American Indian got a raw deal during the industrialization of the United States.]

I note that the Southern Poverty Law Center was founded precisely at the same time that the hate crime was committed against me by Golda Meir and the Simon Weisenthal Institute [1971]. Let us just state that we have two different world views, Morris Dees in that I believe on merit as part of my definition of JUST. I believe in the supremacy of Western Culture [this has nothing to do with racial supremacy]. The SCIENTIFIC METHOD came out of Western Culture, along with the concept of the open government based on legal truth. The idea that people have certain rights protect them from arbitrary use of power [including by the Simon Weisenthal Center] is part of our constitution. The concept of legal due process [to get all the facts] comes out of Anglo-Saxon Law. If you don’t want history to repeat itself, then behave with integrity and morality in legal issues. I think that the enlightenment had much to do with the concept of the development of a truly MORAL SOCIETY [evolution, in of itself, is amoral without quantum mechanics]. It comes from the works of Immanuel Kant in moral philosophy. It is remarkable about how Morris Dees [a Jewish atheist] has all of a sudden discovered Christian morality in relationship to the Southside Baptist Church bombing since he is a Jew who does not believe in morality [see below]. As Jeff Bezos stated, we are dealing with rogue lawyers in that not all white people are evil people and communism has never worked in a responsible manner, anywhere. The Berlin wall came down and China went capitalistic in 1980.There is nothing wrong with defending the rights of minorities against racism, but cease assuming that every white person is a racist.

Make use of the SCIENTIFIC METHOD and MORAL JUSTICE in RECTIFYING WRONGS in the most responsible manner possible.

Just because one is a white southerner by birth does not always mean one is a racist or stupid [the main difference between me and Larry Summers; Larry Summers comes from New England pedigree whereas I come from the rural south].  The reason that Morris Dees does not overtly attack Lawrence Summers [Harvard] or Jeff Bezos [Amazon] has to do with their ethnic heritage and social status [he does not hesitate to try to nail me, but I come from an “undesirable” background].

Morris Dees [and the people at Southern Poverty Law Center] lie about science and then publicly call you a racist if you disagree with them. This is sick, psychopathic, and only occurs in oppressive totalitarian nations  [communist nations]. I am stating this as a progressive Republican [Teddy Roosevelt]. There is also going to have to be a purging of the legal profession in the United States of “political correctness”. I am dealing with this issue in some respects with my supernatural powers. When you present totally honest science on the brain, intelligence, cognition, and behavior and lawyers will not represent you because the science is NOT “politically correct” then cleaning out of the legal profession is necessary. My Kabbalah is operating on a [Paul Mccartney] “Live and Let Die” basis. [As Ozzy Osborne states “NO MORE TEARS” in the Apocalypse.]

I want to know the relevant GRE subject matter scores [% rank] and aptitude scores [especially in mathematics] [% rank] of the scientific references used by the Southern Poverty Law Center and its leftist scientific sympatizers [mine are posted publicly for transparency on my credentials].

The Sheep and the Goats [Matthew 25: 31-46]

## “When the Son of Man comes in his glory, and all the angels, with him, he will sit on his glorious throne. All the nations will be gathered before him and he will separate people one from another as a Shephard separates the sheep from the goats. He will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left.

Then the king will say to those on his right, “Come, you who are blessed by my Father, take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world. For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat.  I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink. I was a stranger and you invited me in. I needed clothes and you clothed me. I was in prison and you came to visit me.

Then the righteous will answer him, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you? When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?’

The KING will reply, ‘Truly, I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

The to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and its angels. For I was hungry and you gave me nothing to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink. I was a stranger and you did not invite me in, I needed clothes and you did not clothe me, I was sick and in prison and you did not look after me.’

They also will answer, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry, or thirsty, or a stranger, or needing clothes, or sick, or in prison, and did not help you?’

He will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me’.

Then they will go away to eternal punishment, but the righteous to eternal life.” ##

No one in the Book of Life is affected by my Kabbalah, so you know what you have to do to not be affected by my Kabbalah [adjust behavior and thought so as to get into the Book of Life and not to be corrupt in intent]. When I state “no quarter” I am referring to the fact that one has to get into the Book of Life before judgment day in order to live. It is also “no quarter” in recovering the Time-Warner estate. The estate is going to be returned to Florence Sari’s father when he is resurrected from the dead.

Unlike World War II, you are masters of your own fate, this time, Jews.  You have theological and social choices.

If one desires to see how the academic profession treats scholars in the social sciences who come up with research that disagrees with the PC dogma of the academic left, look up Napoleon Chagnon [anthropology], now a member of the National Academy of Sciences, and how he was treated by the left wing of academia for his research on the native tribes in Brazil. He was blacklisted for years also and accused [essentially] of fostering genocide.

What happened to me also is a blunt indictment about how we treat the victims of HUMAN TRAFFICKING [me] [by Jewish traffickers, in my particular instance] in our country [and the way that I was treated [except by Jimmy Carter and others in the Book of Life], which is connected with a possible Noah’s Ark taking place]. The inheritance was RESTITUTION for the HATE CRIME against me [in which I was a victim of human trafficking by left-wing Jewish human traffickers]. But many [not all] Jews cannot acknowledge that another Jew can do anything wrong and they have all these Jewish lawyers in court arguing why I cannot have the inheritance because they do not want victims of Jewish human trafficking recovering any justice from the actions of sick Jews. The manager/owner of the Cheetah Strip Club is a Jewish human trafficker who is affiliated with the Sicilian Mafia. He is also a master of psychological manipulation [as well as getting the sex slaves [Florence Sari] addicted to heroin] after her kidnapping at Emory University [c.f, BLACK SUN by Death Cab For Cutie]. I was informed [by the Holocaust museum] [last May 2016] that I was not going to get the inheritance via this judge [May 2016], who is Jewish. We will see if this is the real case [assuming that the judge can deny me the inheritance and live through the Kabbalah that I have established] [that particular judge is now dead;  I saw to that; May 2017]. This is in response to Morris Dees’ hammer and sickle. I have faith in my Kabbalah [in that it will kill State and Federal Judges proactively if the judge tries to prevent me from acquiring

the inheritance] if the judge is not in the book of life. It is now [May 2017] established [by active Kabbalah] that DNA testing [my brother and I] is going to have to be performed to clear up the ID theft [or DNA testing is to be used in any legal judicial proceeding in which there is any doubt about the identity of the plantiff[s] ].  [If a judge is in the book of life, then my Kabbalah has no effect on the judge and the judge is Kabbalah protected himself or herself.]  [I assume that a judge in the Book of Life has the ultimate in both judicial and personal integrity.]  All people in the Book of Life have total clones of my protections [I protect other people if they commit themselves in an incorruptible manner.]

If the Mafia [and the Jews working with it] wants a fight then I am going to fight them. I play for keeps, also, and I have supernatural powers [why do you think Harry Potter was downloaded to my email address].  When Florence Sari was kidnapped, the mafia did not recognize and acknowledge that she owned her own body – just wait you walking dead Mafia people; I have unfinished business with you. I am now establishing Kabbalah that only a person in the book of life can be president of the United States or a Federal Judge [no specific name involved, but I have names in my mind]. It does not define political and legal positions other than that it must be consistent with SCIENCE [using the SCIENTIFIC METHOD] and MORALITY [do not have the intent of EVIL, MALICE, or HARM in any action]. I consider taking basic care of the poor with some form of a universal health care a MORAL RESPONSIBILITY, not a “political correctness”. [The country has a moral responsibility to take care of its weakest and most vulnerable people.] It has to do with the dignity of life. Yes, there is a hell. I was asked [as an untreated schizophrenic] who it was who got me started drinking.  [J Street [Kenneth Bob of Ameinu as legal insider witness] told me that I was gotten started drinking [maliciously put in an alcoholic environment] by design by certain sick elements [SPLC supporters who hate Christianity] in the Jewish community who knew we had a family history of alcoholism when I was in graduate school.  This was done for no other reason than Jewish hatred of Christianity by certain parts of the Jewish left who wanted to “socially destroy Jesus Christ”].  You are playing with fire when you state “curb your enthusiasm” because I am in the Book of Life [the ultimate reference from God] and I am playing for keeps [killing] on these issues. Kenneth Bob’s integrity was phenomenal in my dealings with him.

I am not going to get married to Florence Sari [or anyone else] until it is confirmed that the person is in the Book of Life.  If the person is in the Book of Life then I know that the person is not just after the money [God does not admit gold diggers into the

Book of Life] and the person should not be a physical threat to me. I am the person who healed Florence Sari’s cancer and HIV infection with my Kabbalah magic. All persons [by judgment day] in the Book of Life will be immortal [Rod Stewart’s FOREVER YOUNG] and free of all diseases known to medicine.

Edith Page [TOP OF THE LINE personal care home] is the personal care home operator who extorted $6000 from me under the threat of “smoking in jail” [the contract I signed was for $800/month and when she found out I had $2000/month disability

she threatened to have me put in jail unless I paid her $1200/month]. This is before I learned how to use my powers at the present level of sophistication. I would like the support of the president of the United States and the Attorney General, even though I am a Teddy Roosevelt Republican [Trustbuster; Sherman Anti-Trust Act; Progressive Income Tax; Net Neutrality; CATO supporter otherwise]. That was Florence Sari’s late father who stated that when one has control of the media and a sick agenda, one can make an innocent person guilty and a guilty person innocent [with respect to what he actually found out about me from his own personal [very deep] research prior to leaving me the inheritance]. He was desperate to keep CNN out of the control of the Jewish left.   My brother had this “shit-eating grin” on his face when he told me [over the inheritance and identity theft] “I know – they treat you differently in court if you are mentally ill!” [Even if you are clinically well on medication.] [or willful ignorance – Jewish judge]?

Taylor Swift [or anyone else who is a candidate for a potential relationship with me]. You will have to make your decision on whether you can trust me based on knowing that I am in the Book of Life, whereas some of your sources of information [in many cases] have agenda’s and are NOT in the Book of Life. Do you think that God would admit someone into the Book of Life [me] who could not be trusted as a husband? I know that if you are in the Book of Life [yourself] then you will be unconditionally trustworthy; this is the condition that Florence Sari must also meet. [YOUR LOVE COULD START A WAR by Unlikely Candidates] I have also implemented Kabbalah to recover Florence Sari’s soul from SATAN [BELIEVE by Mumford and Sons] if it has worked.

If Florence Sari [the BLACK SWAN and DIRTY DANCING MOVIES] is willing, the estate should be willing to cover drugs, alcoholism, and psychiatric treatment for her [if she is willing to commit to staying clean in the future and on her medicine for bipolar

disorder]. Others and you will decide how things will be after you are treated for drugs and alcohol and agree to stay on your medicine for bipolar disorder. I AM OPEN TO COMMUNAL LIVING [co-ed] as a former hippie [I went to a college that had co-ed

communal living arrangements during the late 1960’s and early 1970’s] Also, they have a new drug, Naltrexone, that can be taken via a once a month depot injection in the hip [just as in the form I take for the anti-schizophrenic drug Abilify] that neutralizes

both alcohol and heroin addiction [same drug].

All people in the Book of Life who die trying to fulfill the covenant will be resurrected from the dead. Hear that Mafia. Yes, I know how to resurrect the dead.

Is it any coincidence that CNN is now having specials on the assassination of John F. Kennedy? Were there Jewish reasons [involving Jewish organized crime elements] that investigation into the assassination was suppressed by the government [learning too much about Jewish organized crime involvement in the assassination]? This is what happens when one does not have normative standards of right and wrong [corruption and corrupt society]. Are we stepping on the same toes with the justice department that John F. Kennedy stepped on – if so keep going on with the investigations? For a Democrat, the original JFK was very pro-growth.

Property legally owned or legally controlled by anyone in the Book of Life cannot be intentionally damaged by someone, not in the Book of Life.

With regard to liberal democracy, the following book set should be standard in any course in law and government [especially as pertains to law school]:

Karl Popper [Christian/Lutheran [born with Jewish grandparents but parents became Christians; of Jewish descent, in other words] ],

THE OPEN SOCIETY AND ITS ENEMIES, Vol I and II [free society based on the existence of “free will”]

Karl Popper is the philosopher who wrote the legendary book THE LOGIC OF SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERY in 1935 that outlined the universal methods used in the SCIENTIFIC METHOD for obtaining knowledge about the universe to separate truth from opinion and falsehood about something investigated [truth matters as posted at AMAZON]. He is an Austrian refugee from the NAZI’s who settled in London and concluded [from scientific analysis in government] that true liberal democracy, as established in the United States and Great Britain, was the most responsible form of government known. [Represented by JFK from the left and Richard Thornburg and CATO from the conservative standpoint.] Like Milton Friedman, Karl Popper tends to be marginalized in modern university culture in the United States and Europe, as he tends to have deep respect for ethical capitalism. Immanuel Kant is one of Karl Popper’s intellectual mentors [the father of modern moral philosophy]. The remarks on my crystal visions [from RUMORS album song

DREAMS by Fleetwood Mac] were simply based on what I observed, with no judgment on anything [I waited until the after the Book of Life materialized before revealing my visions]. The democrats need to get away from the “ENVY” attitude [one of the seven deadly sins] and trying to “destroy the people who built the nation” to an attitude of guaranteeing a level playing field in business for everyone in helping to rebuild the United States economically again. The progressive income tax [as long as it is NOT

confiscatory and used in a responsible manner] is a valid use of government revenue source. Guaranteeing a level playing field with choices [Network Neutrality and the Sherman Anti-Trust Act, as examples] is how the democrats have historically existed

until the past few decades. The Sherman Anti-Trust Act was not “fine tuning” the economy but was a fundamental structural alteration intended to maximize ethical economic growth [by ethical, I mean growth in as non-destructive a manner as possible] by promoting fair and just competition. The just use of the tort system was intended as the means by which rogue business would be kept under control [at least in many cases], and in the case of deliberate collusion and cartel formation, putting CEO’s

in jail. Do not depend on just one source or one way of doing things is the general responsible rule. Just ethical collaboration is acceptable between businesses; collusion is not in business competition. Also, enact legislation that prevents business from shifting liability from the state and Federal courts to arbitration using arbitrators appointed by the companies. I am requesting this as the legal heir to the Time-Warner estate and an active capitalist. This is just to be fair to the public. I also want Federal Laws requiring all

corporations to have rules protecting people from workplace bullying [a fundamental code of conduct in workplace behavior]. This is from personal experience at Westinghouse, and it should involve recourse to tort action against the company that refuses to discipline unacceptable bullying behavior [or sexual harassment].

As far as learning history is concerned, I want the people who built the country as part of the scientific and industrial revolution known in the history books, and I am not concerned with whether they are red, green, yellow, white, or black people. I have a

hunch that in the future, our history books are going to be covering many people from Asia [India and China] and not just Anglo-Saxons. The Anglo-Saxons are the ones who initiated the industrial revolution, but there is no reason that the normalized economic laws cannot be used internationally around the world by other ethnicities.   The fact of the matter is almost all recent noble prizes have been won by variants of the monetarism school and related conservative schools of economics.  However, capitalism must have a moral compass in its implementation.

If one desires to see governments WITHOUT A MORAL COMPASS, just look at Hitler, Tojo, Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot [I am not talking about sexual morality]. If I believe in moral relativism [THE TREASON OF THE INTELLECTUALS by Julien Brenda and Roger Kenball then I state that it is only a matter of opinion that it is morally wrong to lynch a member of an ethnic minority or bomb a black church.  I state that it is only a matter of opinion that it is not OK to issue judicial opinions or pass laws that violate the moral intent of the constitution, the reason that I executed [without apology] the judges over the Time-Warner estate. The Magna Carta guarantees the integrity of private property rights [including of inheritances] from UNJUST seizure by others,

including the government, as the moral basis of our constitution. Golda Meir is not a friend of mine and the radical left [detached from reality] social engineering of the left is going to cease. I want to point out that the sharing environment in the hippie

communes [which I am familiar with and involving mixed public/private ownership of property] is totally voluntary [as opposed to forced confiscation in Bolshevism]. I do not object to communal environments in which sharing is done on a totally voluntary basis. It is going to be interesting to see how I adapt to a business environment as a former hippie [in culture] person in running TWC Corporation. I am a CATO republican [not a Christian fundamentalist]. I want to know when the Republican party is going to nominate someone of the intellectual caliber of Teddy Roosevelt [who also had a strong sense of ethics and moral responsibility].

To the blacks, I refer to the remarks on the West Indies Blacks at [nospeedbumps.com] + [romine] on blacks who match white people in every category of education and achievement. They have a markedly different cultural attitude towards education and

achievement that apparently was instilled by the British Civil Service. There are probably [in reality] some differences between ethnicities in intelligence [just reality] but cultural attitudes towards education must play a major role, as well. The source of my blog material was published articles on the West Indies Blacks in the New York Times. [And how about the fact that the new CEO’s of Microsoft and Google are Asian Indian.] The blacks have got to start making cultural changes in their attitude towards

education and achievement in society and cease blaming everything on white racism [abetting by race baiting by some of the media]. White racism may exist to some extent, but the West Indies blacks have shown that this is not the sole problem.

For anyone who questions the incredible [at the national and international level] effects of the Sherman Anti-trust Act and its successors, do you think we would have had the cellular telephone revolution and smartphone revolution if A. T. & T. had not been

broken up in the 1980’s? I intend to prove that I [as a psychiatrically disabled but clinically well person] can compete on the open market with the very best of all the other players [CEO of Time Warner Cable] and in wiring up the nation for GHz broadband internet coverage. I am an ethical capitalist who will not use his supernatural powers to gain a non-legitimate, unfair advantage in marketplace competition but will depend solely on his intellectual skills in the marketplace. [my IQ is 195.] I do not plan to replace

Robert Marcus as CEO but to work with him as co-CEO in technical management [he is a lawyer].

The powers that I possess are the powers that Moses used to part the red sea [“out of his mouth came a two edged sword; and it was the keys of hell and death”] [Revelation 1:16-1:18]. This is the way that telepathy was seen in biblical times. The keys

were materializing out of nothingness at the site of Biblical Hebrew in Israel. The Armies of Heaven start marching [Revelation 19:11-19:21] after the Wedding Banquet of the Lamb [mate unspecified in bible; we will wait and see who it is]

[Revelation 19:5-19:10]. After the apocalypse and the resurrection of the dead [Matthew 22:29-30] people are like angels [the people who live past the end of the apocalypse and the resurrection of the dead all have the same powers that I have and are

immortal; people neither marry nor are given in marriage]. See the Indiana Jones movies [Steven Spielberg] if one desires to understand the events that are taking place, notably RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARC [of the covenant between God and Abraham],

where the New World Order attempts to seize the supernatural powers that the Arc provides.

Almost all the regular major mental illnesses [schizophrenia, major depression, bipolar disorder [manic-depressive illness], obsessive-compulsive disorder [OCD], and others] are now highly treatable [not curable, but the person can be made clinically

well in many cases]. They are treated with medicine [chemotherapy]. In my case, I receive a once a month injection to the hip of depot amounts of the 2nd generation anti-schizophrenic drug Abilify. Again, only about 50% of the people with the genes

for schizophrenia actually come down with the illness [from identical twin studies done by Seymour Kety as the pioneer of such studies], which indicates that in its subclinical form it has a survival advantage over the general population in terms of

evolutionary fitness. The illnesses have existed for at least 65,000 years, since this is when the African Exodus in human evolutionary migration is believed to have taken place and the illnesses occur in ALL major races and ethnic groups [in spite of

geographical and ecological separation, and into the time of modern globalization of the gene pool]. The subclinical survival advantage must arise from the fact that the illnesses have never died out due to the pressures of Natural Selection in evolution

in the entire 65,000 years since the ecological separation of races occurred with the African exodus [most of the time spent as a hunter/gatherer].

There seems to be almost a sick conspiracy to keep the CNN/Time-Warner/Time-Warner Cable estate out of my hands, even though I am the direct heir to the estate. The first judge gave much of it away to other people without legal authority and

then gave the estate to Florence Sari’s brother who immediately returned it to me. Then the judge took it out of my hands and gave it to my brother as the designated heir [from identity theft of me that my sick, greedy brother [David Glenn Romine]

engaged in with me with the help of the Kahane Jews]. [My brother does not have a college degree, so he could not possibly have the documented NSF predoctoral fellowship, NIH fellowship to Cambridge University, my published Ph.D. dissertation,

and about 15-20 publications, two papers and one letter to the editor in NATURE [LONDON] magazine. There is no reason to do this since I am clinically well and legally competent to administer the estate [other than sheer bigotry on the part of the

authorities over a “label” I have attached to my name]. I am blacklisted in academics because I interpret science honestly [and not in terms of “political correctness”] in the context of the theory of evolution and human genetics. As CNN stated during

the 1990’s where it showed the boot camp sargeant giving the recruit [on graduation] a lollipop, “the armed forces are politically correct, but can they win wars!?”. As the bible states just prior to the Wedding Banquet of the Lamb, “Your traders were

once the merchant princes of the world!!!!” [Revelation 18:24 – Babylon [the United States of America] ].

One of the more interesting science fiction novels I read was Robert Heinlein’s SIXTH COLUMN where the Chinese conquer the United States. I am trying to lay out the policies run by the United States at the time this country was historically on the rise

rather than its present decline to get the country back on track again. [And do this in a manner that meets responsible standards of ethics.] While the United States is debating whether the theory of evolution and genetics are “politically correct to talk

about”, the Chinese [and others] are practicing it in economic and international affairs. I want to remind people that when Margaret Thatcher came into power in Great Britain that the unemployment rate had reached the levels of the Great Depression

and to look at Venzuela. The second crytstal vision also may have included [possibility only] “BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER”.

I am issuing the blunt warning to the people who obtained parts of the estate via actions by the Jewish judge who acted outside of her authority [vested in the constitution]. The estate resources will be returned to me or the people who have them will

die and then they will be returned to me. J Street [Kenneth Bob] told me that the entire estate was intended only for me. It is out of empathy for Florence Sari that I agreed to let Florence Sari have access to it through a gatekeeper [if she agrees to let Jeff Bezos be the

gatekeeper to the estate] once she gains admissions into the Book of Life of Christianity. [Now that her father is to be resurrected from the dead the estate will revert back to his ownership, presumably, as his rightful property]. The Federal Judge

who issued the gag order is now obliterated from existence [as is the rogue judge in handling the estate]. If I have to kill every supreme court justice, the estate will be returned. This is an unconditional ultimatum to the SCOTUS. I am going to try to go

through SCOTUS before taking matters into my own hands. I want the director of NIMH and former directors of NIMH used as my witnesses for mental competence [Frederick Goodwin – GWU [former director NIMH] ], Thomas Insel [former director NIMH],

Lewis J. Judd [former director NIMH] and E. Fuller Torrey [Treatment Adocacy Center director and author of SURVIVING SCHIZOPHRENIA and SURVIVING MANIC-DEPRESSION]. Also SCIENCE [WASHINGTON] and NATURE [LONDON]

from 1986-1989 A.D. [papers in mental health and substance abuse]. I have established Kabbalah [3:00 A.M., 7/31/2015] that no one can lie in legal testimony and evidence presentation [it is psychologically impossible] on issues connected with anyone

in the Book of Life and Frederick Godwin and Thomas Insel also know me by scientific reputation and know that I am going to win the Nobel Prize. I have things set up so that the Kabbalah does not affect anyone in the Christian book of life. I am also

an ethical capitalist who does not use his supernatural powers to run competitors out of business by anything other than open and above board honest and legitimate competition. I consider myself a Teddy Roosevelt CATO republican. [Teddy Roosevelt

is my favorite Republican leader of history; trustbuster; progressive income tax [but non-confiscatory]; Sherman Anti-trust Act]

It was one of the business journals that stated “what does one do when dealing with a corporation whose management [Northrop-Grumman] can lie with a poker face” [“the jets are flying again when you have sold your soul” – NYT]. When Steve Rudelich

stated “you have sick people in positions of power [at Northrop Grumman]” he was making this statement as a person who was not employed at the corporation but had his own sources of information about the corporate management make up. It was

when I came up with the treatment for HIV [cocktail chemotherapy] that the editor of SCIENCE magazine [1994] stated “we are giving you a credit card you do not have to pay back to help support yourself” [there were other problems related to the nature

of the neighborhood in which I was living at that time, on why I had to let the credit card go after some use]. This happened about twenty years ago and I am not in that neighborhood now. The same editor can also verify that I am the one who came up

with the basic concepts behind the AIDS vaccine that was developed around 2004 A.D. at Emory University. I am blacklisted in academics because I am republican [and a victim of human trafficking]. I am also the one who wrote the B-1B guidance system [a self-tuning Kalman Filter that was patented as the most accurate Kalman filter that had ever been done up to that time and for which I was given a 4% raise due to [presumably] mental illness stigma [and hatred of Jesus Christ] – it was written up in the Baltimore Sun].  I will not deny that I had a problem with alcoholism but I got treated for it and have been sober for 30 years. [The drinking got out of control after my security clearance background investigation was completed and it stated [at that time] in the directory that if one undergoes a rehab and stays sober, one is not considered a threat to security.  Alcoholism is a biochemical addiction treated with the drug Naltrexone.]

Ever wonder why the New World Order is losing the war to the Russians when this is the way Northrop-Grumman treats its best employees.

The president of the United States and all future Federal Court appointments MUST be in the Book of Life. I am in the process of enacting Kabbalah that will ensure this fact. This means that only a Christian [in the context of morality] can be president.

It will be up to the candidates to adopt such a morality. It also means [to be in the Book of Life] one must accept that the theory of evolution exists and quantum indeterminacy. It also means a willingness to accept only JUST and HONEST science and

morality in the designing, executing, interpreting, and enforcing of law. This is the only political litmus test that exist in order to be in the Book of Life [in addition to being committed to the fulfillment of the covenant].

As I stated, there are still people entering into the Book of Life, at present. The Jews [and others] have choices, this time [HEATHEN by Twenty-one Pilots].

The Jewish Community [in the NAZI behavior of some of those not in the Book of Life] has stated that they are going to try to destroy everyone else in the process [didn’t Hitler try to do the same thing?]. I am taking my time and following scripture in order

to give people a chance to get into the Book of Life but some people are so sick and nihilistic that they cannot make the necessary personality changes necessary to get into the Book of Life and they want to take the rest of civilization with them. It is a

favorite past time of some Jews [and others] to compare Republicans with Hitler. As to whether Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton becomes president, in addition to the electoral college, the person will also have to gain admission into the Book of Life so

as not to disappear [along with anyone else, as well, who runs for president]. The same applies to Federal and state judges. This is the best way to ensure that the courts and the presidency are administered by genuinely morally incorruptible people [irrespective of actual politics].

I am giving SCOTUS and the Federal Courts time to get honest and thorough testimony under my “inability to lie in legal testimony” Kabbalah. I will let certain presidential candidates deal with the universities [especially the leftist academic cartel that has been

established in some parts of our higher educational system] if any of them get elected. My Kabbalah is now set to kill any federal judge who does not give the inheritance solely to me in my name only. This includes returning all property [given away by the

rogue Jewish female Federal Judge, who is now dead] as “judicially stolen property”. Do or die. I want all the property [other than enough to support myself] to be returned to its original owner, now that he is to be resurrected from the dead.

I am an economic conservative [Hayek/monetarism] [CATO oriented] and not a social conservative. You will have to accept that I am in the BOOK OF LIFE when I make this statement. I believe that a person owns his or her own body [including [within reason] on abortion and contraception] and I believe that what two consenting adults do sexually is their own business.  Again, my social liberalism arises from Jesus’s legendary statement “Judge not lest ye be judged” on sin that involves no evil or malicious intent [as such]. I DO support such agencies as planned parenthood for supplying abortion [on an individual basis] and contraception services and [in a RESPONSIBLE MANNER] to women. I believe that a man or woman owns his or her own body [including on the issue of contraception and abortion – within reason and as long as abortion is not used as just another form of birth control] and can set his or her own sexual limits and boundaries [I believe that what two consenting adults do is their own business]. My attitude on the issue of statutory rape is that it should not be based on a specific age past the onset of puberty but rather on if the person is emotionally mature enough [I do not think that a 16-year-old teenager should get a permanent classification as a sex offender for having sex with a 14-year-old teenager, something that goes on among teenagers as a fact of life.]  I am also a strong believer in teaching sex education as the best way to stop unwanted pregnancies. I do not approve of abortion as “just another form of birth control” but only as the circumstances legitimately warrant [and dealt with on an individual basis]. Jeff Bezos [the owner of Amazon] has offered to help manage the estate and provide me with a financial advisor or equivalent, although I will ultimately retain, for now ownership of the estate [but help in the management of the estate and the businesses will be in the hands of Jeff Bezos]. I am a scientist by training, not a businessman. What had happened is a Jewish dentist [who I trust and respect] asked me how John Nash had supported himself while he was out of circulation and I told him that his wife supported him. That is how I met the bipolar daughter of the original Time-Warner business Magnate [before his death at the [ultimate] hands of the Mafia [with the SET UP that killed him being facilitated by corrupt Jews] ] [and, later, Taylor Swift] and

why he left the estate to me [to keep it out of the hands of the Mafia and those parts of the Jewish dishonest left that works with it] as restitution for a hate crime and for ending the AIDS epidemic. The estate is now being returned to him now that he is going to be resurrected from the dead [which is why, at present, I am not going to turn it over to Florence Sari, other than to place her on an annuity.  I do not trust her to return it to her father.]

One has to admit that with an IQ of 195 [and it having been demonstrated by population genetic analysis that something is evolutionarily selecting for the genes for the common major mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder [the reason I bought Nicholas Wade’s books] and I want straight talk on the issue of is it OK for the mentally ill to have children; not “PC talk”] that I have some fairly good genes that would be desirable to have propagated. And yes, there really is an AIDS vaccine for which I developed the underlying concepts and protocols for its development.

On the issue of whether I should be viewed as a “goat” for other people’s designs and agendas, what I will state is that an intellectually honest person [Jeff Bezos] told me that I was being used as a “canary in a mine” [since I am going to win the

Nobel Prize if I can get around the academic blacklist] to test whether it is sociologically safe to inquire in certain areas of science related to NON-MALICIOUS eugenics [that have been taboo since late 1960’s] [and also the acceptance of the mentally ill who are properly treated and well in the normal affairs of society and the various public things that go on] and especially because of changes in knowledge about genetics and evolution that have taken place since that time – the consequences of such research are not nearly as morally unacceptable. In particular, eugenics is not now nearly as morally unacceptable [if done non-maliciously] due to the [unknown at the time of Galton] present of genetic recombination in eukaryotes that makes species fitness heavily dependent on the diversity of the gene pool. Before the time of modern molecular biology it was thought that almost all genetic transmission was purely vertical [parent to offspring, alone] whereas recombination adds a horizontal component to genetic transmission through meiosis that results in the diversity of the gene pool in a species playing a major role in determining species fitness – true racism is almost impossible in modern genetics of eukaryotes. [This does not mean that ecologically isolated subpopulations are immune to mean differences in cognitive and behavioral traits.] We have a situation that many people [on the left] associate anything connected with the theory of evolution with NAZIism

and Fascism and that is just not true. Evolution is AMORAL without quantum mechanics but NOT AMORAL with quantum mechanics.

There is also the issue of the STIGMA connected with mental illness that is treated and under complete control that is part of the “canary in a mine”, as well, in how well other people accept someone who is [say] schizophrenic [like me] but is stable and treated. [If you have a problem with someone who is mentally ill but treated, then this is why you are not in the Book of Life, as they are biochemical brain disorders. Once Florence Sari is treated, I will never bring up any of the present issues again as relate to her behavior before treatment for alcoholism, drug addiction, and bipolar disorder and she will still be my partner in a non-monogamous relationship. At present, she cannot be harmed by anyone not in the Book of Life – she is under my Kabbalah umbrella.]

Yes, it is safe for the mentally ill to have children if they are stabilized on medicine adequately such that clinical symptoms are under complete control.

I want to make a remark on inheritance, genetics, ethnicity, and race. Genetic recombination only became fully understood after the modern molecular biology revolution which makes genetic diversity in a species important to species fitness.

However, I believe in a culture of “merit” in business and not to use “diversity” as a “code word”, the same way that “states rights” were used as “code words” during the segregationist period. Race and ethnicity does exist [I can get a DNA analysis

and identify my ethnic make-up] but this does not change the fact that species fitness is correlated with diversity in the gene pool, especially with the modern day globalization of the gene pool.


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www.drugabuse.gov [National Institute on Drug Abuse]

www.NIMH.NIH.gov [National Institute of Mental Health]

www.NIAAA.NIH.gov [National Institute on Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse]

EXPERT WITNESSES THAT ARE RELEVANT TO THE RESOLVING [IN LEGAL USE] OF PSYCHIATRIC PROBLEMS [***these people can also verify that my credentials are real and that I will win the Nobel Prize***]:

Frederick Goodwin, M.D., Former Director, National Institute of Mental Health [now at George Washington U].

Thomas Insel, M.D., Former Director, National Institute of Mental Health [now at Google].

Lewis L. Judd, M.D., Former Director, National Institute of Mental Health [now as UCSD – California]

E. Fuller Torrey, M.D., author of Books SURVIVING SCHIZOPHRENIA and SURVIVING MANIC-DEPRESSION [world famous psychiatrist who runs Treatment Advocacy Center]

Read SCIENCE [WASHINGTON] and NATURE [LONDON] magazines between 1986 and 1989 on the subject of mental illness and substance abuse. This was when I was employed at Westinghouse Defense and Electronics. There is are legal reasons that SCIENCE [WASHINGTON] [1987] stated that “many mental patients are getting well with advances in pharmacology”.

The insanity defense has to do with whether or not your faculties of “free will” are operational. Fundamentalists assume that mental illness is a character problem [it is biochemical], and atheists all assume that everything is deterministic, in which case psychiatry is “meaningless” because “free will” does not exist. Quantum mechanics states that the supernatural exists and that assessing moral responsibility is vital in determining judgments. The far left lives in a fantasy world in that I do not know how to create “something from nothing” [a Foo Fighters song] economically. Another thing is that I strongly support “assisted treatment” in psychiatry [only] when it is genuinely warranted [and used judiciously].

4% of persons with serious mental illness get violent, about the same as in [4% of] the general population who show evidence of violence.

I hope that the universities are learning that I know how to play for keeps also, with the forced resignation of President Wagner at Emory University by United States Justice Department for stealing intellectual property without responsibly validating it with appropriate credit to me and giving me a job [the AIDS vaccine]. No, I do not have to play crazy to stay on disability because my contract states that I have to get a job equivalent to that that I originally had in order to have my disability cut [an engineer or scientist]. When Emory hires President Wagner’s replacement, make sure the replacement is in the Book of Life [so he cannot be harmed the way that President Wagner was given traumatic brain damage by the Mafia in order to intimidate him].

Google: < identical twin studies >

{ < nature vs nurture > [or] < heredity vs environment > }

[each of the various mental illnesses] [intelligence] [alcoholism] [various behavioral traits] [et cetera] Gives the heredity versus environment characteristics of various characteristics of the human brain based on rigorous scientific studies using identical twins.  For example, intelligence is about 70% heredity, from concordance between identical twins.

I want a statement from all the Presidential Candidates on how they are all going to handle Intellectual Property and its ownership and control. I want to thank the justice department for intervening on my behalf on the issue of the AIDS VACCINE that was developed at Emory University based on the email that I sent President Wagner. The Justice Department forced President Wagner to resign for stealing my intellectual property [I want a faculty job and royalties], the reason I am asking [now] how the Presidential Candidates are going to stand on intellectual property. I am NOT a pure socialist, which is why I cannot support Sanders. I want credit for my intellectual property, including a job, financial support, and royalities. I left the democratic party because I felt that they lived in a “politically correct” fantasy world that had lost touch with reality;    like untreated schizophrenics, they had become delusional. However, if the Republicans do not follow the principles established by Teddy Roosevelt and his “trust-busters” to preserve the integrity of the marketplace from monopolies, oligopolies, and cartels [and “crony capitalism”] then they have entered into an alternate reality, as well. This is especially addressed to the Republicans [on or in] the FCC, the FTC, and the justice department. I view net neutrality [as the legal heir to Time Warner Cable] as fundamental to guaranteeing a level playing field in business competition over the internet, and I want these views known to the FCC and the Federal Courts. The Obama administration [FCC and justice department] has already blocked the merger of Time-Warner and Comcast. I wanted them to do the same with Time-Warner and Charter [in enforcing anti-trust policies in the marketplace], especially since the shareholder vote was performed under conditions of [now rectified] identity theft by impersonators of me who cast the vote.  However, since the property from Time Warner Cable that Charter Communications now owns is stolen property [via identity fraud] it should be completely recoverable by me under our constitution.

[Ozzie Osbourne]: No one ever told me; I found out for myself; you gotta believe in foolish miracles. It is not how you play the game. It’s if you win or lose; you can choose; win or lose; do not confuse [w/ref SATAN]. Everyone goes through changes.

This business of blacklisting and firing Nobel Prize-winning scientists in the name of “political correctness” is going to stop. The firing of James Watson [DNA discoverer] from his job as director of a lab for stating what appears to be honest science

about differences in mean IQ between races of humans [because it disagrees with what is defined as “political correctness” in science, even when the actual data and its interpretation may be true], is going to have to stop. Have any of our administrators

heard, also, about the first amendment to the constitution on freedom of speech and freedom of the press? The firing of the Nobel Prize Winner in London for alleged “sexist comments” that may have been inappropriate but which are protected by

standards of freedom of speech that are supposed to apply in any liberal democracy. This shit is going to stop, I guarantee you. My Kabbalah is set to kill, and I make no apologies for it. I prefer the freedoms of a liberal democracy rather than the benevolent dictatorship of a nation such as Singapore [I will take some imperfections that open democracy brings over the loss of civil liberties in a nation like Singapore] although I am a strong supporter of assisted treatment in psychiatry when it is warranted [and used carefully]. I also acknowledge that Singapore’s proximity to China may also play a role in the nature of its government. The following reference was supplied to me on the issue of eugenics and the historical [before WW-II] relationship between the Jews and the field [the Jews were quite actively involved in eugenics until the late 1960’s]:

Eugenics and the Jew, Sir Francis Galton, The Jewish Chronicle, July 29, 1910 A.D.

Any future eugenics would be non-malicious eugenics based on matchmaking and breeding on the basis of the desire to propagate genes for high intelligence and other talents that people have.

I want to make a remark on what to do if one desires to be placed in the will of a billionaire. Don’t get greedy and do not lie. Where as everyone else [while Florence Sari’s father was on his deathbed] told him about how they were going to

“carry on his legacy”, all I stated was that I wanted to finish my education in computers and computer science and use any money I had to buy books in scientific research and related areas. My brother was trying to prove to Mr. Sari what a top-notch businessman he was by flipping houses [when he used deceit and identity theft on me to get married to his daughter]. Also, show [just or deserved] empathy towards other people, even if you are politically conservative. “AFRAID” by the Neighborhood.  Florence Sari’s late father did VERY THOROUGH research on me before leaving me that inheritance, including that I was mentally competent and qualified. He was determined to keep CNN and Time-Warner out of the hands of the Jewish left and was a non-fundamentalist Christian when he died. He will be resurrected.

I will never forget in 1971 [at New College] when a Jewish student from Miami walked up to me and stated “no one can understand why someone with three 800’s on his SAT’s [this is before the SATs were bastardized in the name of “political correctness”] are having such a difficult time passing undergraduate coursework!!”. MENSA [the high IQ society] no longer accepts SATs [taken after 1994] as proof of intelligence because they were bastardized in the name of “political correctness” [according to the organization] such that they no longer correlate highly with IQ.

Do a Google Search on “THE FUSE IS LIT”. The title of the website means exactly what it states as you watch the video on Depeche Mode’s THE POLICY OF TRUTH. Now you understand why I neutralized all weapons of mass destruction.

The entire irony of the situation is that I never had any animosity towards the Jewish people or Israel and could not understand why the hate crimes were being committed against me by certain parts of the community [other than a pathological hatred of Christianity and Jewish racial supremacism].  “In the kingdom of God, there is no difference between a Jew and a Gentile, a man and a woman, and a master and a slave.” Galatians 3:29 [Christian bible].

These remarks do not apply to Jews in the Book of Life or who are taking steps to get into the Book of Life.


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