William Ottis Romine Jr; Riverdale, GA 30274-1502

Christian BOOK OF LIFE = “Wall of Tolerance” in Montgomery, Alabama [materialized 2006 A.D.].


1]  The honest use of science [as acquired by the SCIENTIFIC METHOD] [including in economics, the natural sciences, and the social sciences].  Karl Popper, THE LOGIC OF SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERY.  For religious fundamentalists who claim not to believe in the theory of evolution “a day to God may be one thousand years and a thousand years a day” – 2 Peter in the New Testament.  Einstein’s theory of relativity; a day to GOD may be eons to a human in the time scale of the universe in describing the six days of creation.  Quantum mechanics in physics states that perfection is not possible in our universe [the existence of sin; the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle]; one of Jesus’s most famous statements in the New Testament is “judge not lest ye be judged” [book of Matthew 7: 1-5] on other people’s imperfections [sins].  A true Christian does not judge someone on his or her sexual orientation.  Karl Popper also wrote the book THE OPEN SOCIETY AND ITS ENEMIES on the philosophy behind capitalistic liberal democracy.  Karl Popper [considered the greatest philosopher of the twentieth century; a Christian – a Messiahnistic Jew] left his legacy with the Hoover Institute at Stanford University when he died.

2]  The honest use of normative morality and normative ethics [to do as little harm as possible; that life has dignity and worth; including animal life as in People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals – PETA].  Michael Shermer, THE MORAL ARC: HOW SCIENCE AND REASON LEAD HUMANITY TO TRUTH, JUSTICE, AND FREEDOMShelly Kagan, NORMATIVE ETHICS; the works of Immanuel Kant.   Michael Shermer [a Jewish Republican; unlike the rest of their leftist editorship] is one of the editors of SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN [of the NATURE [LONDON] magazine publishing group]; Shelly Kagan is a Professor of Philosophy at Yale University.  ETHICS and MORALITY are what de-NAZI-fy the theory of evolution in humans [with the existence of MORAL RESPONSIBILITY].  Humanity has a MORAL RESPONSIBILITY to take care of its weakest and most vulnerable people.  Morality implies FAIRNESS and JUSTICE [not perfect equality].  Each person is unique genetically [except for identical twins], which states that one deals with people as individuals and not as groups or on a “one size fits all” basis.

3] A total commitment [including trustworthiness] to the covenant between GOD and ABRAHAM, as revised in the New Testament [Book of Hebrews] [and applied to the second coming].  The covenant between GOD and ABRAHAM is found in the series of science fiction novels by Edward E. Smith [pen name]:





SECOND STAGE LENSMAN [the sealing of SATAN in the abyss]

CHILDREN OF THE LENS [God’s promise to Abraham that it would be his descendants]

When you read these books, you will understand the covenant between GOD and ABRAHAM.  The FREEMASONS [London] and the JEWS [Jerusalem] are the two chosen covenant bloodlines for the WEDDING BANQUET OF THE LAMB [Revelation 19: 6-9].  In 1957 A.D., the Ph.D. dissertation of Hugh Everett was performed at the Institute for Advanced Studies at Princeton on the existence of the MULTIVERSE [parallel universes] in QUANTUM MECHANICS [the “many worlds interpretation”] suggesting that the Lensman Series of science fiction novels was divinely inspired [the reason Heisenberg won a peace prize in 1957 A.D.].

Has anyone ever wondered why Hitler’s body was never recovered and the Jews were specifically chosen for extermination [Garlane of Eddore [the science fiction version of SATAN] realized that there was a real threat to its existence in the Jewish bloodline].

I am currently a human trafficking kidnap victim and identity theft victim of my brother [David Glenn Romine, 407 Long Branch Way, Canton, GA 30115] [who is a member of the Ku Klux Klan] who is working with the Mafia [Galardi family of Mafia Dons] to acquire the estate [Time-Warner, CNN, Time-Warner Cable] of the late Charles Koch that was left to me for ending the AIDS epidemic with the cocktail chemotherapy [1995 A.D.] an AIDS vaccine [2004 A.D].  Right now, AT&T [Warner Media] and Charter/Spectrum Communications [Time-Warner Cable] own stolen property.

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