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William Ottis Romine Jr.; Atlanta, GA [victim of identity theft by my brother]

February 3, 2017

On the requirements to get into the Christian Book of Life at the “Wall of Tolerance”  [see this link] [materialized 2006 A.D.]. There are still people entering the Book of Life [Garden of Eden] [Mount Zion of Revelation 14; 2006 A.D.] and people can make attitude changes.  If a person is in the Book of Life then the person will be taken care of in the Garden of Eden.

If you are in the Book of Life on judgment day [the separation of the sheep and the goats] [Matthew 25:31-46] then you will live [and will be immortal]. 

If you are not in the Book of Life on judgment day then you will die.  Hell exists.  Deal with it. 

The “Wall of Tolerance” [Google search location] has no connection with the Southern Poverty Law Center [irrespective of their claims].  It really is the Christian Book of Life [this can be verified by a personal visit].   It is NOT the Jewish nor is it the Muslim Book of Life.  Get this clear.

For non-Christians who want to get into the Book of Life [of Christianity] [and live], I think that this blog provides the necessary information.

A total commitment to the covenant between God and Abraham [including trustworthiness] is necessary to get into the Book of Life; also the genuinely honest use of SCIENCE [acquired via the SCIENTIFIC METHOD] [including in ECONOMICS] and NORMATIVE MORALITY [and NORMATIVE ETHICS].  In the Garden of Eden, there is a moral responsibility to take care of all people who are in the Book of Life, although morality does not guarantee equality [but it is supposed to guarantee fairness and justice based on the SCIENTIFIC METHOD].  We are not blank slate [cognitive, behavioral, and physical] genetic clones of each other.

I go by the supremacy of the SCIENTIFIC METHOD under conditions of NORMATIVE ETHICS and NORMATIVE MORALITY [based on absolute, objective norms] [including in economics] [including in defining LAW and JUSTICE] [including in the execution of government policy].

The totally honest use of the SCIENTIFIC METHOD [under conditions of NORMATIVE ETHICS and NORMATIVE MORALITY] [along with LEGAL DUE PROCESS] is vital to the protection of the integrity of the legal system.  “In the kingdom of God there is no difference between a Jew and a Gentile, a man and a woman, and a master and a slave” [Book of Galatians in the New Testament; why the Jews [not in the Book of Life] hate Christianity]; the term “there is no difference” [especially in the context of human genetics and issues relating to cognitive abilities and behavior] has to be interpreted in the context of the SCIENTIFIC METHOD, NORMATIVE ETHICS, NORMATIVE MORALITY, and MORAL RESPONSIBILITY [connected with issues relating to FAIRNESS and JUSTICE; not pure EQUALITY]. 

I also support the innocence project [to free people, using DNA evidence,  from situations involving wrongful convictions].

The Christian Book of Life [“Wall of Tolerance”; Google Search location] materialized 2006 A.D. 

In posting this profile, I note that I am in the Book of Life.

Kenneth Bob [formerly of Ameinu; now at J Street] warned the Jewish community that he was absolutely certain that the biblical prophecies in the New Testament were going to be followed to the exact letter.   Christianity does not recognize Judaism as a separate religion [nor does it recognize the Jews as the race destined to govern humanity as the Jews [not in the Book of Life] want to believe].  It does recognize the Jewish people. 

I am a former hippie from the 1960’s in my cultural affiliation.  I grew up with exposure to the hippie communes as living arrangements.

I am not going to lie about science [in race, ethnicity, gender, and human genetics] as relates to [cognitive, behavioral, and nervous system connected] [skills, afflictions, and conditions] in the name of ideology and “political correctness” the way the political left [including the academic left and the Southern Poverty Law Center] does. 

Also, the reason I do not believe in moral relativism [but rather in absolute objective standards of right and wrong under conditions of normative morality and normative ethics based on the existence of the creator of Christianity; as indicated by quantum physics and the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle] is because if I believe in moral relativism [this is what makes the Southern Poverty Law Center so ironic; they do not believe in normative morality] then I state it is only a matter of opinion that it is morally wrong to lynch someone or to bomb a church [or, in general, to harm or to kill someone].  I also consider Consumer Protection [by organizations such as Consumer Union; parent organization of Consumer Reports] to be a moral responsibility in society [and [in general] actions [in society] of protecting people and the public from unscrupulous [and corrupt] people and businesses].

My SAT scores, MCAT scores, and Medical Board examination scores are posted further below to back my scientific credentials since I am qualified for multiple Nobel Prizes [and I am the scientist who ended the AIDS epidemic with the cocktail chemotherapy and a vaccine] but am maliciously blacklisted [with a malicious Mafia-like “code of silence”] in academics because I do not lie [unlike the academic left, the leftist media, and the Southern Poverty Law Center] about religion [I am not an atheist but a Christian; based on quantum physics and the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle], economics, the theory of evolution, or human genetics [in connection with [race, gender, and ethnicity] and [cognitive, nervous, and behavioral] [abilities, conditions, and afflictions] ]. 

I won a [documented] NIH Fellowship to Cambridge University [double fellowship to the Physiological and Cavendish Laboratories] [Laboratory of Denis Hayden] in 1976 based on my scientific research in graduate school [1973-1977].  This is in addition to having a National Science Foundation predoctoral fellowship [1974-1977] in graduate school.   

No [political left, not in the Book of Life]; I am not psycho; you are sick; genuinely sick.  If I have to choose between lying about science [especially in human genetics] [under the condition of normative morality and normative ethics] and not being blacklisted in society, then I am just going to be blacklisted in society.

The O. J. Simpson verdict with respect to the murder of Nichole Simpson [along with the behavior of “woke” leftist prosecutors in Chicago towards Jussie Smolett] introduced the world to the concept of “woke justice” [Washington Examiner; October 3, 2019].  It is wrong when white people get away with injustices [such as when dealing with racial injustices caused by white people] but is also wrong when some other ethnic and racial group get away with a breach of justice.

I consider Elizabeth Warren [who gained admissions into Law School and a faculty position at Harvard Law School by lying about her ethnic heritage [having 1/1000th American Indian blood from DNA testing is not having a legitimate ethnic heritage]; and from legitimate media reports lied about being fired due to pregnancy] and Bernie Sanders true threats [as racist leftist demagogues who cynically manipulate gender politics and ethnic minorities] to society [their proposed “wealth tax” is an unconstitutional seizure of private property [based on the politics of envy of the people who legitimately built the nation] and will economically destroy the nation].  They use academic frauds as economic advisors.  Bernie Sanders is an old school European socialist, which has been totally discredited as a valid economic system by the use of the SCIENTIFIC METHOD [almost all of the European nations, including Sweden, have abandoned their former socialistic nature].

Joe Biden has made a number of gaffes in his speeches that make me question whether or not he has all his mental marbles with him.  Also, Joe Biden has stated that he is going to select judicial nominees and other personelle based on racist [by the correct scientific definition of racism] left-wing identity politics [rather than objective, unbiased qualifications of the judge along with the judge’s willingness to abide [under normative use of the United States Constitution] by policies indicated by the objective use of the SCIENTIFIC METHOD].  Identity politics is when one supports [or allies with] a person based on the person’s gender, race, or ethnicity rather than the person’s unbiased, objective qualifications. 

The economic policies that most of the Democrats [including Joe Biden] advocate will economically destroy the United States of America.   There are no economic shortcuts in society such as those that the political left desires.  I wish Donald Trump would attack Joe Biden based on his economic proposals [and his proposed social policies] [if he is going to attack Joe Biden] rather than make personal attacks [with nicknames] on him.

When a nation does not operate by genuinely responsible economic laws, then the economy of the nation gets destroyed.  In true capitalism, wealth [capital] gets actively invested in the economy in such a way as to make the economy grow [which benefits everyone].  In true capitalism, wealth is NOT stored as “gold in a vault”.  Almost all the legitimate [non-political and non-ideological] Nobel Prizes in economics have been won out of the Hoover Institute.  Milton Friedman’s work [1976 Nobel Prize in economics] on monetarism and the money supply is based on very sound economics [and is probably some of the most important work in economics in the 20th century] and a nation ignores his economic theories at the nation’s own economic peril.

You know that NATURE [LONDON] magazine [the scientific journal] has a blatant left-wing ideological bias problem [like most of our academic establishment] when almost all of the legitimate [non-political and non-ideological] Nobel Prizes in economics have been won out of the Hoover Institute but NATURE [LONDON] magazine only quotes Paul Krugman and the very few left-wing economists who have won legitimate Nobel Prizes.

It is worth noting [although I do not advocate a Pinochet type dictatorship] that Chile is [or was] the only nation in South America [right now] that has [or had] a thriving economy and that Great Britain had effectively become a third world nation when Margaret Thatcher came into power.  Also, observe the economic miracle in the nation of INDIA [an open society  democracy] since the nation made its capitalistic economic reforms of 1991.

I would like Donald Trump to consider making Nikki Haley his Vice Presidential candidate in the year 2020 in preparation for an Asian Indian woman as president [as a capitalistic Republican] in the year 2024. 

For the record, I am capitalist [who supports transparency in the capitalistic marketplace] [with morally just property rights laws] with a moral compass [and who considers some form of universal health care [such as what Canada has] a moral responsibility] who believes in the rule of morally just law.  I consider the Sherman Antitrust Act [and its successors] [and its responsible, not malicious, enforcement] vital to protecting the integrity of the open capitalistic marketplace [and ensuring transparency,  fairness, and justice in the workplace].  I do not believe in depending on one source [as a monopoly, oligopoly, or cartel] for anything not legitimately protected by [morally justly enforced] [morally just] intellectual property law. 

What the Wall Street Journal has pointed out is that [since the time that Ronald Reagan came into office] the absolute [inflation and purchasing power adjusted] income of even the lowest-paid worker has increased [under the conditions of capitalism [with a moral compass] [that follows the standards of the SCIENTIFIC METHOD in economics] ] more than it ever did under the recent previous periods of time [especially under Democratic administrations].  The Hoover Institute has pointed out [with evidence] that the poor have done better [in the long run] [in terms of absolute economic success] under ethical capitalism [capitalism with a moral compass] [a rising tide lifts all boats] than any other economic system.  It is just that some inequality is a fact one has to accept in life in order to have an economic rising tide that benefits everyone [we are not “blank slate” genetic clones [in cognitive or physical abilities] of each other].

“Nowhere is the gap between rich and poor wider, nowhere are the rich richer and the poor poorer, than in those societies that do not permit the free market to operate,” wrote the late Milton Friedman [the Nobel Prize [1976] winning economist]. 

“Some Americans will never appreciate America, until they have helped destroy it, and then begun to suffer the consequences” stated Thomas Sowell [Hoover Institute]. 

“Much of the social history of the Western World [over the past three decades] has been a history of replacing what worked with what sounded good” stated Thomas Sowell [Hoover Institute].


When you read the LENSMAN SERIES [Edward E. Smith; pen name] of SCIENCE FICTION novels you understand the covenant between God and Abraham.



First Lensman

Galactic Patrol

Gray Lensman

Second Stage Lensmen [sealing of Satan in the Abyss]

Children of the Lens [God’s promise to Abraham that it would be his descendants; 1000 years from now]


The Freemasons and the Jews are the two chosen covenant bloodlines.  Has anyone ever wondered why Hitler’s body was never recovered?


I did read the cryptic remark that “the church [I was raised a Presbyterian] is not mentioned as being relevant after the first part of the Book of Revelation”; I also read “it is wished that everyone had a Bible to read”.   

I am of direct descent from Queen Victoria [British Empire; 19th century] on my mother’s side of the family [Washburn family name]; true blue blood.  Benjamin Disraeli was the prime minister [Tory] [of Jewish heritage; Messiahnistic Jew] of Great Britain during Queen Victoria’s reign.

At present, I am a victim of identity theft [so as to get the estate of the late Charles Koch], human trafficking victim, and kidnap victim of my brother [David Glenn Romine, 407 Long Branch Way, Canton, Georgia 30115] working with the Galardi family of Jewish Mafia Dons.  I am the legal heir to the estate of the late Charles Koch [who was murdered in 2013 A.D. by his bipolar [mentally ill] daughter [Florence Sari] [former ballerina with the New York City ballet] who was used [after her kidnapping at Grady Memorial Hospital [a hospital connected with Emory University] ] as a brainwashed tool by the Sicilian Jewish Galardi family of Mafia Dons; owners of the Cheetah Strip Club and the Pink Pony Strip Club in Atlanta, Georgia so as to get his estate [via identity theft with the IRS] which was left to me in his will for ending the AIDS epidemic with [both] the cocktail chemotherapy and a vaccine].  My brother was an active accessory in the murder of Charles Koch. 

Why is it that Jeff Bezos [AMAZON] made the correct identification of me in 2014 A.D. [and tried to get my brother arrested] right after the identity theft of the inheritance took place, but this probate judge is too utterly stupid [and corrupt] to identify me correctly [and rectify the identity theft].

My wallet was stolen at the [Jewish owned] Atlanta Center for Medical Research [pharmaceutical company drug trials] in 2005 A.D. and supplied to my brother [who is also red-headed but five years younger than me] for use in identity theft [apparently as part of a carefully arranged “set-up” by people with connections to the Mafia; Sicilian Jewish Galardi family].  My brother is also a member of the Ku Klux Klan [and ironically Morris Dees and the Southern Poverty Law Center tried to help cover up the fact that my brother was a KKK member and the identity theft], a religious ultra-fundamentalist [he does not believe in the theory of evolution], and is getting professional help from Israel [from Jews who manipulate [for cynical political reasons] the ultra-fundamentalists; the followers of the false prophet], many members of  the Jewish community [Jewish Supremacists] who are not interested in getting into the Book of Life, the Mafia [Sicilian Jewish Galardi family], and KKK to cover up the identity theft. 

Yes, the staff at Southern Poverty Law Center works with white supremacists when it suits their agenda [stopping the second coming of Jesus].

Unfortunately, a significant portion of the Jewish community [in their hatred of Christianity] [and also some of our Gentiles, including some of our judicial authorities] does not believe that Charles Koch has the legal right to choose his own legal heir. 

I am aware of the fact that Emory University [under its new racist [by the correct scientific definition of racism] leftist Jewish President, Claire Sterk] is going to try to fabricate invented psychiatric evidence [PTSD] to try to keep the estate of the late Charles Koch out of my hands.  Luckily, we have the publications in the field of mental health, alcoholism, substance abuse, and the Nobel Prize in SCIENCE [WASHINGTON] and NATURE [LONDON] magazines between 1987 A.D. and 1989 A.D. [when Reagan and Bush were presidents and the late Lewis Judd, M.D. was Director of NIMH; published [in direct connection with me] when I was working at the Westinghouse Defense Plant in Baltimore, MD] to deal with this issue.  “Many mental patients are getting well thanks to advances in pharmacology” [SCIENCE [WASHINGTON], 1987]. 

Claire Sterk was ousted [by the Federal Courts] as president of Emory University in November, 2019 A.D. 

For the record, I support the policies of the Treatment Advocacy Center [founded by E. Fuller Torrey, M.D.] in the establishment of government policies towards the treating of and sociologically dealing with the mentally ill.

To those Jewish members of the United States National Academy of Sciences who posted a snake [it is not “never again”; it is NAZI Jewish Supremacism [by Jewish puppetmasters [not in the Book of Life] who manipulate and use people] as described below; they can make attitude changes and get into the Book of Life] to show whose side they were on in the apocalypse; we make our moral choices and accept our fates when we die; you had better believe that hell exists.  I am tired of self-serving lies [by Jews who are not in the Book of Life] about me to cover up a HATE CRIME against me by Jewish racists. 

I was left this estate [in Charles Koch’s will] [Time-Warner, Time-Warner Cable, CNN, and Turner Broadcasting] for coming up with the concepts behind the now available AIDS vaccine [“flu shots” and “allergy shots”; see below] [the public acknowledgment of which is being maliciously suppressed with a Mafia-like “code of silence” by the academic community and leftist media [the “cancel culture”] because I am the person who came up with the concepts behind the vaccine; I majored in biology [with emphasis on the theory of evolution] in college, a political “no-no” in leftist parts of academia] and the cocktail chemotherapy.  Right now, AT&T and Charter Communications own stolen property.  I am the reason that AIDS has been out of the news since 1995 A.D. [the AIDS vaccine was developed based on the concepts that I provided in an email to President James Wagner of Emory University in 2004 A.D. and which was stolen from me by Emory University and the CDC; the email is posted further down below;  I am also the person who developed the concepts behind the cocktail chemotherapy in 1995 A.D., [which was the first effective regimen in infectious disease treatment to deal with the problem of the development of antibiotic drug resistance in microorganisms and which was the biggest breakthrough in infectious disease treatment since the discovery of penicillin] which was the first effective treatment for AIDS and which ended the virulent part of the AIDS epidemic]. 

The existence of the AIDS vaccine [and my role in coming up with the concepts behind the vaccine, along with the cocktail chemotherapy] can be verified by Jeff Bezos [AMAZON], Floyd Bloom, M.D. [former Editor, SCIENCE [WASHINGTON] magazine], and President Emeritus James Wagner [of EMORY UNIVERSITY; where the vaccine was developed and is currently distributed by the CDC; Center for Disease Control].

The faculty and administration at EMORY UNIVERSITY and the staff at the CDC stole the AIDS vaccine from me and was going to let me drift and die.

Even though I am completely clinically well [on my medication] [and something is evolutionarily selecting for the genes behind all the major mental illnesses] [all the major mental illnesses are biochemical brain disorders of behavior treated with medication] Franz Kafka was probably writing about a schizophrenic when he wrote his novel THE METAMORPHOSIS about a man who turned into a giant cockroach [the dehumanization of the mentally ill].  I was [1971-1980 A.D.] [and am at present so as to get [using identity theft by the mafia] the inheritance I was left] the victim of a vicious human trafficking hate crime and the FBI refuses to do anything about it because I am mentally ill [even though I am completely well on my medicine].  The FBI [and the secret service] apparently consider the mentally ill [who are clinically well on their medicine] to be disposable people in society. 

I was told that there was a conspiracy among the legal profession in the state of Georgia to prevent me from being able to acquire legal help in rectifying the identity theft [and to steal the estate of the late Charles Koch by violent means using the Galardi family of Jewish Mafia Dons].

You have genuinely sick people in positions of power [including Jews not in the Book of Life, many left-wing judges, the staff at the Southern Poverty Law Center, the leftist aspects of the media, many of the scientific journals, many university faculty members, and many university administrators] who deliberately ignore, disregard, deny, or lie about honest science [in economics, human genetics, gender, race, and ethnicity] and its connection with [economic, social, cognitive and behavioral] [issues and pathologies].   

No; we are not [only] going to talk about evolutionary fitness [alone]; we are [also] going to talk about NORMATIVE ETHICS, NORMATIVE MORALITY, and MORAL RESPONSIBILITY [as implied by quantum physics and the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle in physics – which implies a creator] which implies FAIRNESS and JUSTICE in society and the legal system [as determined by the SCIENTIFIC METHOD].

Also, I was maliciously gotten started drinking [alcoholism a biochemical addiction and disease; National Institute on Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse; part of NIH] [as an untreated schizophrenic; in connection with my DUI in 1989; I have now been sober for 30 years] by my human traffickers [people who knew we had a family history of alcoholism] during the 1971-1980 time period.  Drug addiction [to addictive drugs] is also a biochemical disorder that is treated medically [and there are effective medical treatments [most of them pharmacological] for most drug addictions; National Institute on Drug Abuse; part of NIH] the reason SCIENCE [WASHINGTON] magazine had the editorial [during the late 1980’s] on decriminalizing drugs and getting drug addiction and treatment into the civil/medical justice system. 

There is a MORAL RESPONSIBILITY to treat these issues as medical diseases rather than criminal offenses [if possible].  Alcoholism is treated with the drug Naltrexone.

For the record, there is absolutely no legitimate scientific basis for a term in society called “social responsibility” and “social justice” but  [through the theological implications of quantum mechanics] “moral responsibility” and “moral justice”.   

I will support qualified black political candidates who are capitalists and support the free market.  Much [although not all] of what the political left calls systemic racism is [in reality] directly linked to issues of legitimate qualifications for a job or a position at an educational institution [as determined by the SCIENTIFIC METHOD].  Teddy Roosevelt [I might add] was the first president [a Republican] in United States history to invite a black [Booker T. Washington] into the white house. 

The black person for whom I have the most respect is Thomas Sowell of the Hoover Institute.  I will support qualified black political candidates for office who are capitalists and support the free market [as of Milton Friedman].

It is the Chinese, Southeast Asians, and Asian Indians who are getting royally screwed by the racism and bigotry of the educational admissions policies at the top universities.  One of the most racist statements in history is the statement [by the top universities] [to justify discrimination against Asian Americans via affirmative action] that “Asian Americans are evaluated in a holistic evaluation that considers leadership skills”; in other words, they are making racist stereotypes of Asian Americans [as a class of people] as lacking leadership abilities.  When are the Asian Americans going to realize that there is nothing left for them in the Democratic Party political left? 

I also have a remark on education and the issue of everything [in education] being totally free [or forgiving student loans] [as opposed to the availability of student loans].  Japan produces five times the [per capita] number of engineers that the United States produces [an article I read when I was at Westinghouse].  The United States produces fifteen times the [per capita] number of lawyers.  I made the facetious remark that “the next time Japan bombs Pearl Harbor we will sue them”. 

In other words, a student has to take some responsibility for choosing a major [in college] in which he or she can make a decent living [and which [also] makes a substantial contribution to the economic productivity of society] [c.f., Martha Roseman; Dean of Student Affairs at Johns Hopkins University when I was a student there].

The political left [often] does not know what the term racism [in its correct scientific definition] means; they [often] assume that if a member of an ethnic minority does not get a job or get into an educational institution that racism is automatically involved rather than that the person was legitimately and honestly unqualified [in the context of the use of the SCIENTIFIC METHOD to determine qualifications].  By the correct scientific definition of racism, de Blasio [in New York City] is one of the biggest racist bigots in the world [in what he is doing to destroy [de Blasio believes [in his “politically correct” fantasy world] that education based on academic merit is racist] the New York City public educational system]. 

I am tired of the term “racist” and “bigot” being used as a psycho sick smear term against people who base hiring decisions, salary determination, admissions to an educational institution, and grading at an educational institution solely on merit and objective, unbiased qualifications [as determined by the SCIENTIFIC METHOD].   We use normative standards [based on assessing objective, unbiased qualifications] in society so as to protect the public.

Do you want your brain surgeon or airline pilot selected based on left-wing “diversity” criteria or based on merit and objective, unbiased qualifications?  [Asked by the Hoover Institute.]

Unfortunately, part of the sad reality of the theory of evolution [and human genetics] is that you can have [and do, in fact, have] differences in mean cognitive abilities between races [and ethnic groups] [and sexes] and pretending that this reality does not exist [as is done by the political left] is not going to make this reality go away.  You deal with people on an individual basis, however, and not as groups. 

DISCRIMINATION AND DISPARITITES [book by Thomas Sowell [Hoover Institute]; 2019 A.D.; Basic Books].  “You have two choices.  You can live with [race and gender] disparities [in society] or you can live in a totalitarian society” where the government engages in massive subjective totalitarian social engineering [post at the American Enterprise Institute].

Also, the fact that the West Indies blacks [who also came over under conditions of slavery] match their white counterparts in the United States in almost every aspect of education and achievement indicates that not everything is genetic but that there are also cultural pathologies involved in much of black existence in the United States.  The Hoover Institute [at Stanford University] has dealt openly and honestly with some of these cultural pathologies.  The West Indies blacks have eagerly adopted Occidental Culture with a deep respect for education and achievement in society [the “Oreo” black] instead of always feeling victimized [the Civil War ended 150 years ago, New York Times, and Jim Crow ended over 50 years ago – with respect to their 1619 project which is an attempt to place a guilt trip by a failing newspaper on the rest of the population of the United States; I can find something connected with my ancestors, too] [with this perpetual professional victimization [the victimization industry] on the part of the political left and the leftist media].   

Much [although not all] of what is taking place in society is not based on systemic racism but is based on the moral values of fairness and justice [based on assessing objective, unbiased [scientifically determined] qualifications] in our society.  Economist Thomas Sowell [from one of the Hoover Institute bulletins – July 12, 2020 A.D.] expressed the belief that the term “systemic racism” has “no meaning” and that it reminds him of Nazi Germany. “It really has no meaning that can be specified and tested in the way that one tests hypotheses” [alluding to the use of the SCIENTIFIC METHOD] he said, adding that the phrase’s currency is reminiscent of Nazi “propaganda tactics” and that people accept the lie after it’s “repeated long enough and loud enough.”

“It is self-destructive for any society to create a situation where a baby who is born into the world today automatically has pre-existing grievances against another baby born at the same time, because of what their ancestors did centuries ago” – Thomas Sowell [Hoover Institite].

In response [5/4/2020] to the announcement that the New York Times won a Pulitzer Prize for this work [the 1619 project]; this is a blatantly left-wing political hack award for leftist propaganda.  Hitler was also nominated [for political reasons] for a Nobel Peace Prize, I want to point out.

Also, collective punishment is banned under the moral basis of international human rights law, which much of the left wants to take out generically [as vengeance] against [generic] white people [as a class of people].  Much of the left does not know the difference between justice and vengeance.  I am making this observation as someone who actively worked in the civil rights movement [in the 1960’s] and who supports all legitimate civil rights laws.

George Sachs, M.D. [formerly at UAB; the University of Alabama in Birmingham] [now at UCLA] is calling Simon Wiesenthal [the NAZI hunter] if he is given a human trafficking “sugar daddy” [the way that I was; 1971-1980 A.D.] [in a hate crime by the psycho-sick left-wing Jewish “freedom riders” [the psycho-sick Southern Poverty Law Center was involved in the hate crime] for no other reason than that I was white [and who I was in the context of the Bible and Jewish hatred of Christianity] and had roots in the rural south; “Hillbilly Elegy”; sold at AMAZON] [elements of the medical profession were also involved] at UAB.   

There are reasons [me] that NIMH stated [in 1987 A.D. in one of their pamphlets] that Abraham Lincoln [Republican] and Winston Churchill [Tory] had mental health issues.  Winston Churchill also stated [after WW-2] that an IRON CURTAIN had descended across Eastern Europe.

Also, I received an email from Biblical Hebrew in Israel asking “which is the true religion; Christianity or Judaism?”.  That is not the Jewish [or Muslim] Book of Life that materialized in 2006 A.D. at the “Wall of Tolerance”.

I apologize to the Jews in the Book of Life. 

I stand by the statement in my letter to NATURE [LONDON] 267[5614]:752 [1977]; “keep politics out of science”; it does not state keep normative ethics and normative morality out of the application [in society] of science.  The science [in economics] points to the Hoover Institute.


For the record, my 1976 Journal of Chemical Physics paper [and subsequent papers in fast reaction kinetics] were based on classical statistical mechanics [Boltzmann Statistics] and not quantum mechanical statistical mechanics [Fermi-Dirac Statistics], which is plenty accurate for fast reaction kinetics in chemistry [its intended purpose] [in reply to the psycho-sick “lemon” smear].  Also, “white noise” is a standard electrical engineering approximation [in reply to the “infinite energy” smear] in connection with my 1978 publication.

There was once a time in American Society when we genuinely respected [and wanted to emulate] the people who economically built the nation as part of the industrial revolution [instead of tearing these people down as they now do on the political left].  There was also a time when we genuinely respected [as a legitimate part of American history] the industrialists [with brains and intelligence] [such as Thomas Alva Edison [General Electric Corporation] and Alexander Graham Bell [AT&T] ] who built the nation.  Fred Koch [Charles Koch’s father] [chemical engineer from MIT] made his fortune legitimately and honestly off patents [in 1927] for a revolutionary new process [thermal cracking] for oil refining and processing.

Despite having come up with the concepts behind the AIDS vaccine and the cocktail chemotherapy, I am blacklisted at the universities [with a Mafia-like “code of silence”] because I am a capitalistic Libertarian Republican [Henry Kissinger [of Harvard] leaning] [and a cockroach] [who is a white person with roots in the rural south; “Hillbilly Elegy”; sold at AMAZON] [and who I am biblically in Jewish hatred [by certain parts of the Jewish community] of Christianity] who believes in the supremacy of the SCIENTIFIC METHOD [under conditions of NORMATIVE MORALITY] in economics and its use [in general] in society [ethical capitalism [capitalism with a moral compass] with consumer protection] [with the acknowledgment that there are some issues that are better handled by the government]. 

Also, I do not lie about science in human genetics and [cognitive and behavioral] [issues and afflictions], race, ethnicity, and gender [unlike the way that much of the academic left [including many of the scientific journals], the Southern Poverty Law Center, and leftist media do] [in the name of “political correctness” and ideology].

I go by the supremacy of the SCIENTIFIC METHOD [including in human genetics, economics, and in the design of psychometric exams such as the SAT, ACT, MCAT, LSAT, and GRE; these exams are not perfect but are the best [scientifically] that we have for assessing educational qualifications and serve the purpose of Consumer Protection in education and [also] to make sure that education [and admissions to an educational institution] takes place under conditions of objectivity, fairness, and justice] under the condition of NORMATIVE MORALITY. These psychometric examinations measure one’s actual abilities and knowledge, but grades measure the ability to concentrate and to perform [and issues such as “self-motivation”] and reveal issues such as mental illness [especially when grades are disparate from the results of psychometric exams].

Unfortunately, these psychometric exams have scientifically revealed demographic sociological information that leftists want to pretend does not exist [and do not want to hear about] in relationship to race, ethnicity, gender, class origins [in society] and their connection with cognitive abilities and intelligence [IQ] [c.f., Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray THE BELL CURVE] so the attitude of the left [including at the universities] is to want to end these examinations [even though these exams [if responsibly designed and used] are by far the fairest, most unbiased, and most objective means available for determining qualifications for college and university admissions].  In other words “shoot the sociological messenger”.

The SCIENTIFIC METHOD and the INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION [based on capitalistic liberal democracy] came out of Occidental Culture [with a deep respect for SCIENTIFIC HONESTY, EDUCATIONAL ACHIEVEMENT, and the FREE MARKET].

I also believe in the supremacy of Western [Occidental] culture as the Normative Cultural Standard that has proven the most successful culture in history.  There are reasons that Occidental Culture has dominated the world for the past several centuries and JAPAN [post World War II] and [now; since 1991 A.D.] INDIA have successfully imported many aspects of Occidental Culture [especially the rule of morally just law] in order to prove successful [as scientifically based [open society] capitalistic Liberal Democracies [with an independent judiciary] with [morally just] legally recognized property rights] as societies with limits to the powers of the rulers.   Note that INDIA is now entering [in terms of wealth and development] the realm of the Western World by importing many elements of Occidental Culture into their society [since they made their dramatic capitalistic economic reforms of 1991].  Whatever one states and thinks about British colonialism, it exposed INDIA to [open society] Western capitalist liberal democracy as a social and legal system.

 **Jonah Goldberg [former Editor, National Review], Suicide of the West: How Tribalism, Nationalism, and Socialism is Destroying American Democracy [Crown Forum; 2020 A.D.]**. 

**Jonah Goldberg [former Editor, National Review], Liberal Fascism:  The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Change  [Crown Forum; 2009 A.D.]**. 

“What “multiculturalism” boils down to is that you can praise any culture in the world except Western culture – and you cannot blame any culture in the world except Western culture” stated Thomas Sowell [Hoover Institute].

The Southern Poverty Law Center [SPLC] [staffed by avowed communists] [the leadership of the SPLC was ousted by the Federal Courts in 2019 A.D.] and its odious smear list of alleged so-called “hate organizations” [used as a psycho sick blacklist [by many companies and organizations] of many legitimate political conservatives and many legitimate politically conservative organizations] is a prime example of “Liberal Fascism” [and its attempt to prevent and to regulate legitimate politically conservative free speech and thought]. 

What makes the Southern Poverty Law Center especially sick and odious is that they take legitimate politically conservative organizations and people who advocate no legitimate hate or violence towards anyone but simply have conservative political views at variance with those of the political left [or are totally honest in science connected with human genetics] and lump them as “hate groups” with neo-NAZI’s and KKK members.  This would be harmless in of itself [in the context of the right to free speech by the Southern Poverty Law Center] except that many businesses use these so-called alleged “hate organizations” to blacklist people who do not subscribe to “hate” by any legitimate definition of the word “hate” but simply have views at variance with those of the political left.

Also, why is YouTube censoring Prager University videos, which is simple and straightforward politically conservative video material that expresses no hate or malice towards anyone?  This raises serious free speech issues about a powerful major corporation [that regulates access to the internet] that has major censorship powers [and should YouTube [a part of Google] be treated as basically a public utility by the Federal Courts?].

When the Southern Poverty Law Center accused me of being a racist, I asked Morris Dees “why is it that I am in the Book of Life of Christianity and you are not in the Book of Life of Christianity” [I worked in the civil rights movement in the 1960’s].  The Southern Poverty Law Center [and major portions of the Jewish community – the Jews not in the Book of Life] apparently view nailing Jesus Christ [the second coming] as a big game trophy hunt for them.

It was one of the senior journalists [Naomi Klein; a communist] with THE NATION magazine who tried to set me up to be murdered by Taylor Swift [the musician] [who was a Mossad agent working with the Southern Poverty Law Center and who had intended to kill me; the Southern Poverty Law Center went insane when a Federal Judge declared Taylor Swift [who is bipolar] mentally incompetent in order to protect me from her].  I want the American Friends Service Committee [the Quakers] [I went to Quaker services when I was in Maryland] to know who they are collaborating with by being associated with THE NATION magazine.   

However, Taylor Swift subsequently got into the Book of Life so I am willing to forgive her [Christianity is a religion of forgiveness] for this action.

Also, I am wondering what is going to happen if the United States and the West lose the traditions of the Anglo-Saxon legal system, which [historically] has been [by far] the most morally [fair and just] legal system [ever] developed [despite issues such as slavery and the American Indian] [with it [the legal system] being based on the SCIENTIFIC METHOD under the condition of NORMATIVE MORALITY].

I have nothing against rational legal immigration [from other countries] [based on merit and qualifications] that benefits our nation, but I want immigrants to be willing to assimilate into Western Occidental Culture [with a deep respect for scientific honesty, education, and civil society].  I also want requirements that in order to receive foreign aid from the United States [so as not to be an economic “black hole”] underdeveloped nations have to make responsible economic reforms that meet the standards of the SCIENTIFIC METHOD in ECONOMICS and in society [as well as meet certain standards of NORMATIVE MORALITY in society]. 

I agree with the lawyers of the FEDERALIST SOCIETY that immigration to the United States is a privilege and not a right.  It is this belief [by some people; including some of the human rights organizations] that the United States [and the West] is an economic “black hole” that can [economically and in the context of immigration policies] be endlessly milked.

You have very sick people [mostly Jews not in the Book of Life, leftists, and populists who reject the supremacy of the SCIENTIFIC METHOD under the condition of NORMATIVE MORALITY in society] in positions of power [in education and at the universities, in law [including many left-wing judges and the staff at the Southern Poverty Law Center], in government, in media [including many of the top scientific journals], and in business] who outright lie [in the name of “political correctness”] about science [connected with economics, human genetics, race, ethnicity, gender, and [cognitive, behavioral, and intellectual] [abilities, achievements, and afflictions] and discriminate against better-qualified people based on subjective social engineering criteria rather than base education and employment decisions on the use of genuinely scientifically honest [and scientifically determined] [objective and unbiased] [merit and qualifications].

I do not like [and want the actions outlawed by the Federal Courts] the use of term “diversity” [as opposed to a genuine meritocracy [based on unbiased, objective qualifications] in society] as a “politically correct” racist “code word” to discriminate [using subjective social engineering criteria] against better-qualified people [especially the Asian Americans].  Genetic recombination [and the globalization of the human gene pool] does bring the concept of diversity into play as having a role in human biology [but not as an ideological “code word”].

**The Diversity Delusion: How Race and Gender Pandering Corrupt the University and Undermine Our Culture, by Heather Mac Donald [St. Martin’s Press, 2018 A.D.]**. 

 I do believe in the practice of empathy WHEN IT IS DESERVED [in the context of MORAL JUSTICE] [what Jeff Bezos and Charles Koch felt with respect to my situation].  Without empathy [when it is deserved] there is no true moral justice in society [the concept behind open society capitalistic liberal democracy [with true moral justice by an independent judiciary] is based on the fact that genuine empathy for correcting genuine moral injustices is a reality of human nature [“mirror neurons” in the human brain]; this is the reason I state that the open society Anglo-Saxon legal system [despite its flaws] [and including its role in applying limits to the exercise of political power] [with a politically independent judiciary] is the most morally just legal system ever developed; based on the use of the SCIENTIFIC METHOD under the condition of NORMATIVE MORALITY].  When one lives in a society that is based on correcting moral injustices [in a genuinely morally fair, morally just, and morally honest manner] then one does not usually have to worry about revolts and revolutions.  There is no legitimate scientific basis for a term called social justice; only moral justice [from the theological implications of quantum mechanics in physics].

When I read in the Wall Street Journal about many big corporations [such as Nike] are now subscribing to left-wing “woke culture”, I remember Marx’s [even though Marxism has been totally scientifically discredited [in the context of the scientific method] as “economic pseudoscience”] famous observation [about human nature] that “the capitalists are so greedy that they will sell us the material we need to defeat them”.  Think about it. 

Also, the last time I remembered the laws of the universe [including in economics] it is impossible to create “something from nothing” which much of the political left desires to do. 

The problem with socialism is that it works only as long as one has other people’s money to spend [c.f., Margaret Thatcher]; what happens economically to the nation when one runs out of other people’s money [and when one has succeeded, in the process, in destroying all the people who legitimately built the nation’s economy]?

People have short memories on what the economic conditions were like in the United States [under Jimmy Carter] [the massive stagflation of the late 1970’s] [although I appreciate his moral compass; but moral compass alone will not keep an economy viable and put food [from legitimate income sources] on the table] when Ronald Reagan came into power and in Great Britain [under the labor government; worse than the Great Depression of the 1930’s; Great Britain had economically become a third world nation] when Margaret Thatcher came into power [when they look at socialism].   The labor unions had economically destroyed Great Britain [you cannot economically squeeze blood out of a turnip].

Donald Trump has achieved the best economy in 50 years [lowest unemployment since 1969; including for ethnic minorities] but the hatchet job journalism of the leftist media does not give him credit for this achievement.  [This statement was made before the coronavirus pandemic hit.]

Donald Trump is in the Book of Life of Christianity so if you have disagreements with his politics, keep the disagreements civil and at the ballot box.  The Hoover Institute [at Stanford University] alludes to the unjustified sick psychopathological hatred of Donald Trump on the part of the political left along with the sick hatchet job journalism of the leftist media.

The Wall Street Journal [by the way] had an article on Zimbabwe and it was pointed out that the blacks are economically worse off now [in Zimbabwe] under their present government [since they ran the whites out of the country] than they ever were under white colonial rule [even though I do support [in general] [open society] representative capitalistic liberal democracy [with legally recognized property rights] [in the form of a republic] [with an independent judiciary] ].  The South Africans should take note of this before running the whites out of the country or simply seizing their property [since the whites permitted majority rule].  They are not going to achieve economic development into a developed nation overnight [it has taken INDIA several decades to achieve economic modernization under the economic conditions of capitalism].


1]  The honest use of science acquired via the honest use of the scientific method [including in economics] [including in law and justice] [including in the execution of social policy].   Truth matters [science is based on truth].  Quantum physics and the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle imply a creator.

**Karl Popper, The Logic of Scientific Discovery [reprint of 1934 Edition].  Karl Popper was a Christian [Messiahnistic Jew].** 

Karl Popper left his legacy with the Hoover Institute at Stanford University when he died.


THE IDEOLOGICAL CORRUPTION OF SCIENCE, Lawrence M. Krauss [Wall Street Journal Editorial, July 12, 2020 A.D.].  It is about the subversion of science to ideology [especially by the political left] [especially by the universities, the leftist media, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and some of the scientific journals].


SOME ARTICLES AND BOOKS RELATING TO LAWRENCE SUMMER’S LYNCHING AT HARVARD [former  President, Harvard University] [yes, it was a true left-wing academic lynching].  This published scientific material also applies to legitimate free speech issues [and their legal handling] connected with James Watson [Nobel Prize winner who discovered DNA] and James Damore [former Google engineer].  The Federal Courts are going to have to intervene in university and academic institution behavior [when needed].


**SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, Exploring Intelligence, 1999 A.D.**

**SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, Men: The Scientific Truth About Their Work, Play, Health, and Passions, Quarterly, 1999 A.D.**

**SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN [MIND], His Brain, Her Brain: How We Are Different [Vol. 21:2, Summer 2012 A.D.].**

**THE BLANK SLATE: THE MODERN DENIAL OF HUMAN NATURE, Steven Pinker, Viking Press, 2002 A.D. [World Renown Endowed Chair; Cognitive Psychology; Harvard University]**.

**BEFORE THE DAWN: RECOVERING THE LOST HISTORY OF OUR ANCESTORS, Nicholas Wade, Penguin Press, 2007 A.D. [former Editor; NATURE magazine].**

**A TROUBLESOME INHERITANCE: GENES, RACE, AND HUMAN HISTORY, Nicholas Wade, Penguin Press, 2014 A.D. [former Editor; NATURE magazine].**

**WHO WE ARE AND HOW WE GOT HERE: ANCIENT DNA AND THE NEW SCIENCE OF HOW WE GOT HERE, David Reich, Pantheon Books, New York, 2018 A.D. [Professor; population genetics; Harvard University].** 

**THE 10000 YEAR EXPLOSION:  HOW CIVILIZATION ACCELERATED HUMAN EVOLUTION, Gregory Cochran and Henry Harpending, Basic Books, 2010 A.D.**

Most of these authors are scientific authors who are Republicans and Libertarians who deal with science honestly in the field of human genetics, cognitive abilities, behavior, and related issues.  This is what makes Joe Biden so odious in quoting Steven Pinker;  because Steven Pinker is a CATO Libertarian Republican.

A remark on Charles Murray.  His work [THE BELL CURVE] is based on sound science, despite the lies of the Southern Poverty Law Center [the SPLC calls legitimate and sound science “racist pseudoscience” in their psycho sick “parrot” [a “parrot” has no intelligence; it just squawks back something stated] smear of Charles Murray; see the Wall Street Journal, December 13, 1994 A.D. and the consensus of top mainstream intelligence researchers on the validity of Charles Murray’s work – that it is largely valid under the conditions of the SCIENTIFIC METHOD; Charles Murray wondered how many of these intelligence researchers had their jobs and careers threatened for signing this letter].  As Hoover Institute fellow Thomas Sowell stated, THE BELL CURVE is demonized by sick demagogues [especially the staff at the Southern Poverty Law Center] interested only in hearing what they want to hear.  Charles Murray got his undergraduate degree at Harvard University and his Ph.D. at MIT [two of the most scientifically renown universities in the world; when the researchers are not constrained by left-wing “political correctness”] whereas Morris Dees is a lawyer with a law degree from the University of Alabama Law School with absolutely no scientific background [on which to base his psycho sick smear [as a left-wing political hack] against Charles Murray].  He was a great huckster, however, in the fundraising marketplace [and as a trial lawyer] [before he [Morris Dees] [and the senior staff at the SPLC] was ousted from the SPLC by the Federal Courts in March 2019].   Heidi Beirich [the architect of the infamous smear list of so-called alleged “hate organizations”] was ousted from the SPLC by the Federal Courts in October, 2019. 

It has become a fact of society [one is dealing with sick people in society in positions of power [c.f., Steve Rudelich, Jewish Republican; his family are Ukrainian Jews who are refugees from the mass communist terror of the Soviet Union] [such as the staff at the Southern Poverty Law Center, the academic left, and the leftist aspects of the media] ] that one cannot perform and publish legitimate and honest science in human genetics, cognitive abilities, and intelligence [IQ] [and its connections with social class [in society], ethnicity, and gender; c.f., Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray THE BELL CURVE] without being maliciously [in a psycho sick manner] smeared and blacklisted as a racist or sexist.  The Southern Poverty Law Center [and its supporters] deliberately lie about science [and then call someone a racist or white supremacist as a smear term] in order cynically to manipulate ethnic minorities.

**Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray, THE BELL CURVE: INTELLIGENCE AND CLASS STRUCTURE IN AMERICAN LIFE [Hardback, 1994 A.D.; paperback, 1996 A.D.].**



**Valerie S. Knopik, Jenae M. Neiderhiser, John C. DeFries, Robert Plomin, BEHAVIORAL GENETICS, 7th EDITION, [Worth Publishers, 2016 A.D.].**



                      The THEORY OF EVOLUTION


It is ETHICS and MORALITY that denazify the theory of evolution.  Specifically, human life has dignity and worth.  We have choices [“free will”; quantum physics; quantum statistical physics applied to the thermodynamics of life [notably the brain and consciousness] in particular] about our actions.

The morally responsible use of the works of Thomas Malthus on population biology [and overpopulation] also play a major role in denazifying the THEORY OF EVOLUTION [in the context of having the requirement for the responsible use of birth control as a condition for receiving social welfare [as opposed to letting the poor and unemployed die from exposure]; if one is making his or her own income then the person can have his or her own children as the person can responsibly support].

INTELLIGENT DESIGN coexists with the theory of evolution in the context of the HEISENBERG UNCERTAINTY PRINCIPLE.

The term “survival of the fittest” arises from the fact that there is competition [within a population] between members of a species for limited resources in the environment [with respect to the survival and reproductive success of its members].  The energy of the sun [via chlorophyll in plants] is the driving force against entropy that drives evolution.  In the Garden of Eden [to which we return after the apocalypse], human evolution ceases [but not the existence of human genetics] since death [for humans] no longer exists [death is genetically programmed [through the control of gene expression] in eukaryotes as it allows evolution [and evolutionary advancement] to take place by making way for the next generation; each species of eukaryote organism has a lifespan range specific to this species as a general rule].  “You will know death” – when Adam and Eve are expelled from the Garden of Eden.

The science cited in this blog is NOT CONTESTED, despite the lies of the political left and the Southern Poverty Law Center.  However, in fairness, climate change [connected with the environment] is not contested science [either] but as long as the political left denies honest science in economics, human evolution, and human genetics then they have no right to complain about the political right challenging accepted science in climate change.  I want to remind people that Nixon [a Republican] started [in 1973] the EPA.

IQ is about 70% genetic [versus environment] based on identical twin studies.  Despite the lies of the Southern Poverty Law Center, the academic left, and parts of the leftist controlled media, you can [and do, in fact] have differences in mean innate cognitive abilities [such as IQ] between races, sexes, and ethnic groups of people.  This is the reality of human genetics and the theory of evolution.  You deal with people on an individual basis, however, and not as groups. 

No, New Scientist magazine [and SCIENCE and NATURE magazines, depending on who the editor is]; population geneticists do not have a race problem.  Your scientific journals [and much of the leftist media] [and much of the political left] [and much of the academic community] have a problem with lying about and grossly misrepresenting honest science [in the name of ideology and “political correctness”] [connected with human genetics, race, sex, ethnicity and [cognitive, behavioral, and intellectual] [skills, conditions, and afflictions] ].

Yes, in the real world, it is desirable for someone with a high IQ [and many talents]  to have a lot of offspring while discouraging someone with a low IQ [and few talents] from having children.  This is the way that the theory of evolution and natural selection work in the real world.  Also, IQ can be very precisely and accurately measured with carefully designed psychometric examinations.

A person can get a DNA analysis done of the person and be told the person’s precise racial and ethnic make-up, in response to the “politically correct” lie that “race does not exist”.  If race does eventually cease to have meaning, it will ultimately be because of racial and ethnic intermarriage and the globalization of the human gene pool.

The correct scientific definition of racism and sexism is based on the action of not following the totally honest use of the SCIENTIFIC METHOD in human genetics and gender, race, and ethnicity [and the connection with behavior, nervous afflictions, and cognitive abilities].  By this correct scientific definition of racism, much of the leftist media, much of the academic left, and many of the scientific journals [that deal with science connected with cognitive abilities, behavior, race, sex, ethnicity, and human genetics] are racist [by the correct scientific definition of racism] in the context of the use of “political correctness” over honest science. 

Let me explain [to the public] what the correct scientific definition of racist [and racism] is.  A racist [or sexist] is NOT someone who states that there may be differences in mean cognitive abilities between members of a gender, race, or ethnicity.  This is a fact of the real world of human genetics [and the theory of evolution].  This is why organizations [such as Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory] are administered by very sick people who deserve to die in the apocalypse [for what they did to James D. Watson] and the faculty at Harvard University are very sick people who deserve to die in the apocalypse for what they did to Lawrence Summers [with the no-confidence vote].  The New York Times is a very sick “politically correct” newspaper.  A racist [or sexist] is someone who denies someone [who is legitimately qualified] a job [based [on the principle of equal opportunity; not equal outcomes] on the person’s gender, race, or ethnicity] [or equal pay for equal job performance based on gender, race, or ethnicity]. 

The Democrats [with the use of race and gender quotas [in the name of this thing called “diversity”] and affirmative action] are the biggest racists in the United States, today, by the correct scientific definition of racism.  I am opposed to affirmative action not because I believe in discrimination against black people but because I feel that it is the Asian Americans who are getting the royal screw job in employment and university admissions.  Racism is racism, whether it is “old-time racism” such as when only white people were permitted jobs and entry into elite institutions or “reverse racism” [of which the Asian Americans appear to be the primary victims].

The major mental illnesses are about 40-50% genetic [versus environment] [I am a treated and clinically well, on my medication, schizophrenic] based on identical twin studies.  The identical twin work [in Scandinavia] of the late Seymour Kety [late member of the United States National Academy of Sciences] on the inheritance patterns of schizophrenia has stood the test of time and it has served as the basis for the procedures involved in the general analysis of genetics [versus environment] in central nervous system connected states and afflictions.  

The major mental illnesses are all biochemical brain disorders of behavior.  They are treated with medication and are 70-90% curable [depending on the illness].  Read SCIENCE [WASHINGTON] and NATURE [LONDON], 1987-1989 A.D. [when Reagan and Bush were presidents and the late Lewis Judd, M.D. was Director of NIMH], on mental illness, alcoholism, substance abuse, and the Nobel Prize [These papers were published with me in mind when I worked [as an engineer] at the Westinghouse Defense plant [now part of Northrop-Gumman] in Baltimore].

“Many mental patients are getting well, thanks to advances in pharmacology”; SCIENCE [WASHINGTON]; 1987 A.D.; this published statement was directly connected to my work at the former Westinghouse Defense plant.  SCIENCE [WASHINGTON] magazine [1988 A.D.] states that a “trained office secretary” can tell if someone is sane or not; that it does not take a trained psychiatrist [this is separate from actually diagnosing and treating the specific illness].

It is totally safe for the treated mentally ill to have families and raise children, as something is evolutionarily selecting for the genes underlying all the major mental illnesses.  The illnesses have existed for at least 65,000 years since this is when the separation of the races took place in evolutionary anthropology, and the illnesses occur in all the races.  This means that in their subclinical forms there must be a survival advantage to the subclinical manifestations of all of the major mental illnesses.

For the record, I support scientifically based assisted treatment laws and legal procedures in mental illness treatment [based on the policies advocated by the Treatment Advocacy Center operated by E. Fuller Torrey], with genuinely responsible due process legal protections and judges who are genuinely expert in mental health medicine and mental health law.  I DO NOT consider Singapore [an authoritarian nation without due process legal protections and where psychiatry can be used as a political tool to control dissidents; something the political left loves; c.f. the Soviet Union] to be the model for psychiatric treatment laws. 

The road to hell is paved with cries of Singapore.

I also want mental illness out of the criminal justice system and in the civil/medical justice system.  The original basis for the insanity defense [the mental illnesses are biochemical brain disorders] had to do with whether one’s faculties of “free will” [arising form quantum mechanics] are intact or not [and whether one had the emotional and cognitive stability to be able to understand and to judge [based on normative standards that are based on normative morality] right from wrong when the offense took place].  The insanity defense has been a legitimate and accepted part of occidental culture and law since the middle ages.



**Southern Poverty Law Center** [read this link]

Do a Google search on [“splcenter”] + [“Romine Jr”] and read the results.

Note that the Southern Poverty Law Center [SPLC] was founded in 1971 at precisely the exact moment that the human trafficking hate crime was committed against me [“I keep stock in Southern Bell and Linda Lovelace [DEEP THROAT; porn film made by the Mafia] became a Southern Baptist”; Baptist do not have a right to protection against sexual assault hate crimes?  Is this what people are saying?  Morris Dees [and the Southern Poverty Law Center], along with the FREEDOM RIDERS, and elements of the medical profession, was involved in the human trafficking hate crime against me].  Morris Dees [and the senior staff] was ousted [by the Federal Courts] from the Southern Poverty Law Center in March 2019.  Note that the SPLC was founded [1971] at the exact time that the New York Times [currently a failing newspaper] pronounced that “God is Dead” and Roger Zelazny published his science fantasy novel [based on Egyption mythology] CREATURES OF LIGHT AND DARKNESS [on the forces and fluxes of population biology].

Like David Horowitz [the founder of “discover the networks”], I am a former leftist who became totally disillusioned with the political left’s rejection and denial of honest science [especially in human genetics and economics] [including by some of the top scientific journals], the political left’s rejection and denial of the honest use of legitimate and honest sociological and historical evidence [in the context of the honest use of the scientific method and under the condition of normative morality], and the political left’s resorting to lies, smears, defamation, censorship, blacklists, and violence [along with the left’s censorship, suppression, and rejection of [legitimate and honest] [scientific, historical, and sociological] research that disagreed with the political left’s philosophy and objectives] to achieve its objectives. 

Also, as David Horowitz correctly points out, slavery was a standard part of human history [in almost all societies] until white European Christian abolitionists [for moral reasons] led the opposition to slavery.  This is in direct response to the New York Times “guilt trip” based 1619 project [a propaganda piece] [along with the left’s war on Christianity].  Also, it was the Christian churches that tamed the so-called “wild west” of the 19th century United States.

In particular, it is this fanatical denial by some parts of the left [including by some of the scientific journals] that the field of human genetics [and the theory of evolution] even exists [especially with respect to intelligence and IQ].  I agree with Michael Shermer [a Jewish Republican, author of THE MORAL ARC, and one of the editors of SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN] that the greatest threat to legitimate free speech in the world [today] comes from the political left [especially from organizations such as the Southern Poverty Law Center and its political blacklists].

The Southern Poverty Law Center once served a noble purpose [dealing with the Ku Klux Klan] [when this was its sole purpose] [c.f., Charles Murray] but it had since gotten off on a sick left-wing ideological “power trip”.

Only truly sick people [or power corrupted political demagogues], Morris Dees [and the staff at the Southern Poverty Law Center], would call the former editor [Nicholas Wade] of SCIENCE [WASHINGTON] and NATURE [LONDON] magazines a “scientific racist” for publishing honest science in human genetics. 

SCIENCE [WASHINGTON], SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, and NATURE [LONDON] magazines [however] often have their own agendas based on left-wing “political correctness” [it depends on who the editor is] and [often] lie [for ideological reasons] about science in race, ethnicity, sex, cognition, behavior, and human genetics when it suits their agenda [and use the term “racist” as a general-purpose smear term]. 

As far as white nationalist killings are concerned, there are more homicides in the streets of Chicago in a week than there are white nationalist killings in the entire United States in a year [to put things into a realistic perspective].  But the hysterical scream of “white supremacist” and “white nationalism” makes for great fundraising propaganda connected with the SPLC.  Think about this when Democrats are opposed to “red-flagging” gang members in the inner cities, but favor “red-flagging” white nationalists [in connection with gun control]. 

I have my own views on gun control and the constitution, I might add.  FREEDOM OF SPEECH does not give someone the right to yell “fire” in a crowded theater, to sell data [to a foreign power] that affects national security, or to commit perjury in a legal or judicial proceeding.  In the same context, I interpret the so-called RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS as not being an absolute right [it has to be interpreted in a rational manner] in the same context that FREEDOM OF SPEECH is not an absolute right.

The Southern Poverty Law Center [SPLC] [outright and bald-facedly] lies about science [in the field of human genetics and human evolution] [for fanatical ideological reasons] and then calls you a racist [or a “white supremacist”] [as a psycho sick smear term] if they disagree with honest, valid, and legitimate science that you present or quote in human genetics.  But one of the great truths of the political left [especially the staff at the Southern Poverty Law Center] is that if you tell a lie often enough people will come to believe it to be true.

The people at the Southern Poverty Law Center have absolutely no understanding of how the SCIENTIFIC METHOD works.  Nor do people who engage in subjective social engineering [which has no connection with the scientific method as developed by Karl Popper] despite left-wing lies to the contrary.

It must be remembered that Morris Dees [and most of the senior and former senior staff at the Southern Poverty Law Center] are avowed communists [an ideology that I consider in the same hate league as NAZIism] [and the SPLC appears to be a communist front organization].  Do a Google search on Trofim Lysenko [the Soviet agricultural biologist who did not believe [for ideological reasons] in Mendelian genetics and who killed millions of people through deliberate agricultural mismanagement during forced collectivization].

Read H. Montgomery Hyde, STALIN: THE HISTORY OF A DICTATOR [out of the Hoover Institute; on the former communist Soviet Union]; Pol Pot [who murdered one-third of the population of the nation of Cambodia; Killing Fields], Mao Tse-Tung [the greatest killer in modern history; in Red China], and Tojo [in the Japan of WW-2] were not white supremacists. 

Marxism has killed more people than NAZIism ever did, but because Marx’s victims were not Jewish [and Marx was Jewish] he [Marx] gets whitewashed by the political left, including the academic left, and the Jewish left.  This is one reason why Steve Rudelich [a Jewish Republican whose family are Ukrainian Jews who are refugees from the terror of the former Soviet Union] stated: “you have sick people in positions of power”.  There has never been a country in the history of the world where Marxism has worked [Marxism is a perfect utopia that does not take into account human biological nature; and perfect utopias do not work in our quantum mechanical imperfect universe]. 

MARXISM: PHILOSOPHY AND ECOMOMICS [Thomas Sowell; 2012 A.D.; Routledge Reprint]; Karl Popper [the philosopher who developed the SCIENTIFIC METHOD] refers to Marxism as “economic pseudoscience”.


It was when I told the Southern Poverty Law Center that I worked in the civil rights movement for reasons of morality [I support most civil rights issues because it is morally the right thing to do] and not “political correctness” or “social justice”, and they responded by blacklisting me from their organization, that I realized what a genuinely psycho sick MONSTER ORGANIZATION that it was [the SPLC is part of the left’s war on Christianity, which is sort of ironic since they want to claim the moral legacy of Martin Luther King Jr without believing in morality].   As I told the Southern Poverty Law Center in one of my emails, one of us is going down in the apocalypse.

On the issue [alleged by the racist left] of alleged “white privilege”.  **Read this link**  See the sickness of the racist left.   

I am not a white supremacist [I worked in the civil rights movement] but neither do I hate white people as some of the members of the racist left do.  The civil rights act of 1964 [when the nation was over 80% European white] could not have been passed without the support of white people.  I despise left-wing identity politics.  Identity politics is when one supports someone [or allies with someone] based on a person’s race, ethnicity, or gender as opposed to the person’s objective qualifications.

If the people [mostly Jews] at the SPLC do not want to believe in the application of NORMATIVE MORALITY [which has its origins in Christianity; that is the Christian Book of Life that materialized at the “Wall of Tolerance” [Google location] ] in life, then cease complaining about NAZIism [staff at the SPLC] since that is the way [in reality] that the theory of evolution [without morality] operates [the Jewish Forward [itself] [when Jane Eisner was editor] asked “what did Hitler have against the Jews?” in connection with the theory of evolution [without morality] ].



WHAT IT IS LIKE TO BE SMEARED BY THE SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER [Wall Street Journal Editorial, September 11, 2017 A.D.].

J. P. MORGAN’S HATE LIST [Wall Street Journal Editorial, August 24, 2017 A.D.].

FAKE NEWS FROM THE SPLC [Wall Street Journal Editorial, October 12, 2017 A.D.]. 

WE WERE SMEARED BY THE SPLC [Wall Street Journal Editorial, April 3, 2019 A.D.].


I consider the lawyers of the Federalist Society as the lawyers who [in the context of normative reference to the United States Constitution] use scientific data [acquired by the honest use of the SCIENTIFIC METHOD] [and in the context of NORMATIVE MORALITY] honestly in the judicial system.  The United States Constitution is not an atheistic constitution [this is a separate issue from the separation of church and state in the constitution].  It is based on the belief that there are certain rights [as expressed in the constitution] endowed to the people by a creator and it is based on NORMATIVE STANDARDS [I prefer the use of the term NORMATIVE [based on absolute, objective norms; as defined by the constitution] rather than ORIGINALIST]. 

If the United States constitution is a “living constitution” which can be reinterpreted “at will” by sick left-wing activist judges, then why even have a constitution defining the legal nature of our nation [or even have a constitutional democracy].

I am tired of the persecution of Orthodox Christians.  Many of them [the Orthodox Christians] [if the material is presented rationally as done in this blog] are quite rational about how science and religion [the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle in quantum physics implies a creator] can co-exist with each other.  Joy Lynn English’s Baptist church [my first wife] [class valedictorian at Shades Valley High School when we got married 40 years ago; she could have gone to any university in the nation that she wanted to attend and she elected to be a two-year nursing student at Samford University [Homewood, Alabama] at the time; she is now a practicing physician] [Philadephia Baptist Church in Vestavia Hills, Alabama] broke off from strict fundamentalism when the science [and how it can coexist with religion] was presented in a rational manner.  “A day to God may be 1000 years and 1000 years a day” [2 Peter 3:8].  Einstein’s theory of relativity applied to the six days of creation.  A day to God may be eons to a person.   

The ODE TO JOY in Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony.

For people [possibly such as Charles Murray] who want to file defamation [and other] lawsuits against the Southern Poverty Law Center; keep appealing dismissals by the courts as Donald Trump is getting Federal Court judges appointed who will uphold the lawsuits.  The claim that the Southern Poverty Law Center has “free speech rights” becomes problematical when many businesses [such as  Paypal, Youtube, and Spotify] start using their smear list of alleged “hate organizations” to blacklist legitimate politically conservative organizations and people.

On the issue of abortion, it becomes an issue of the proper balance between the fact that a woman owns her own body and reproductive system and the sanctity of life [as applies to a non-viable and non-conscious fetus].  The constitutional right to abortion is [to be done properly] going to have to be constitutionally interpreted in the context that a woman owns her own body and reproductive system and not an alleged “right to privacy” if the right to abortion is going to be established on firm constitutional grounds.

The limits and boundaries in society come from the use of NORMATIVE ETHICS and NORMATIVE MORALITY in the action of applying scientific research in society; not from censoring honest and legitimate scientific research [such as was done [by leftist academic thugs] with Bruce Lahn’s research in human genetics at the University of Chicago] that has no national security implications [and that tells people things that they sociologically do not want to hear in connection with human genetics].   I do not believe in censoring scientific research in human genetics in a society that operates by a [morally just] [moral code and code of ethics].

I originally met Florence Sari [as a potential wife] [the bipolar daughter of Charles Koch] [former ballerina with the New York City ballet] when Dr. Boyle [a Republican Jewish dentist in Powder Springs, Georgia] asked me how John Nash had supported himself after I had come up with the concepts underlying the [now available] AIDS vaccine [developed at Emory University] but remained blacklisted [with a Mafia-like “code of silence”] in academics [and by the leftist media] for psycho sick left-wing political reasons [despite this fact].  This is the reason that the National Review states that Republicans are afraid to reveal their political affiliation at universities [out of fear they will be maliciously docked grade point averages [in coursework] by sick left-wing “politically correct” professors].  One of the journalists asked, “Were you a biology major?” [who majored [with heavy emphasis on evolutionary anthropology] in the theory of evolution].

It is worth noting that the legacy of Karl Popper [in the form of his manuscripts] [the philosopher who developed procedures behind the SCIENTIFIC METHOD and the philosophy behind the OPEN SOCIETY [based on capitalistic liberal democracy] and who is [often] considered the greatest philosopher of the 20th century] went to the Hoover Institute at Stanford University.  Karl Popper rejected Historicism [historical determinism] [which underlies most totalitarian societies, whether fascist or communist] [socialism is based on economic determinism] based on the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle and quantum indeterminacy.  Karl Popper allied [politically] [after World War II] [the Mont Pelerin Society] with Milton Friedman, Ludwig von Mises, and Frederich Hayek [based on MARKET INDETERMINCY and NOT socialist determinism; exact opposite political views from George Soros [who I consider a billionaire racist leftist political demagogue [who wants [generic] vengeance against [generic] white people [and Christianity] over World War II; like much of the Jewish left] who cynically manipulates gender politics and ethnic minorities] and his so-called [socialistic] “open society foundation” [and the Southern Poverty Law Center] ].



Put the Medical Profession on MERIT-BASED SALARY rather than FEE FOR SERVICE. And yes, physicians should be paid very high incomes since they have people’s lives in their hands and we want to attract the very best people into medicine.

Also, have public transparency [by law] on a physician’s medical board examination scores [% rank], the physician’s class rank in medical school, and malpractice record [the same with hospitals and their staff] for consumer protection purposes.

In civil and criminal legal proceedings, the GRE examination score [or medical board examination scores] in a subject or branch of medicine is the best criteria for judging the qualifications of a person as an expert witness.  Also, the potential expert witness’s moral character [in terms of the person’s character history connected with being honest in the presenting of evidence and testimony] is important to investigate as well [for use in civil and criminal law].

**Howard H. Hiatt, M.D., AMERICA’S HEALTH IN THE BALANCE: CHOICE OR CHANCE [Harvard University; 1987 A.D.; but the analysis is still valid today on how Canada met, in a genuinely responsible manner [including in controlling health care costs], their nation’s health care needs].**

The American Medical Association acknowledges that the health care system [as presently set up] is pretty much unsustainable [in the long run].  Florence Sari [one of the daughters of the late Charles Koch] is bipolar [a mental illness] one of the reasons that the late Charles Koch [despite the fact that he was a Libertarian Republican] had sympathies for some form of universal health care with the application of and use of assisted treatment laws in psychiatry.   

It must be remembered that in the private insurance industry [and someone has to ultimately pay for the healthcare, whether it is private insurance, the government, or charity care] some 20% of the cost goes to insurance overhead.  This is the big argument for a Canadian style system over our present system of health care.  The overhead for Medicare is only 1%.  The reason we had group health insurance [originally] [as opposed to something such as medical savings accounts] had to do with the spreading of risks for the insurance costs of catastrophic health care expenses [which can destroy anyone who is not fabulously wealthy].  The expense of a Canadian-type health care system is covered by combining the money that is paid to the insurance companies [in premiums] [and converting this money into taxes for health care] with the expense for Medicare and Medicaid [and the money saved from the insurance overhead].

Also, a Canadian-type health care system takes the issue of health care costs out of the equation in determining whether [or not] a business hires someone.  If I do vote democratic in the year 2020 A.D. [it will depend on who the nominee is; I will not vote for Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders under any circumstances as they want to destroy [in biblical envy] the people who [genuinely and legitimately] economically built the nation; make everyone equally poor] it will be based on the issue of health care and civil rights [including abortion rights – within reason] [I also support homosexual rights in the secular workplace interpreted as being a part of the civil rights act of 1964] even though I am otherwise a capitalist. 

Note that Nixon [during the late 1960’s and early 1970’s] had proposed the concept of “health maintenance organizations” as an alternative to socialized medicine as a means for establishing some form of universal health care.

I wish the Republican Party would be open-minded on these issues.




**SURVIVING SCHIZOPHRENIA: A FAMILY MANUAL, by E. Fuller Torrey [Harper-Collins, 2019 A.D.]**



**BRAVE NEW BRAIN: CONQUERING MENTAL ILLNESS IN THE ERA OF THE GENOME, by Nancy Andreasen [Oxford University Press, 2001 A.D.]**

**INTRODUCTORY TEXTBOOK OF PSYCHIATRY, by Donald Black, Nancy Andreasen [American Psychiatric Publishing, 2016 A.D.]**



2]  The honest use of MORALITY [to do as little harm as possible] [based on absolute, objective norms of morality; they are not changing norms, Deans of the United States Law Schools; you have a learning disability] with a sense of MORAL RESPONSIBILITY [including that life has dignity and worth; the Environmental Protection Agency and PETA [People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals] ].  Society has a moral responsibility to take care of its weakest and most vulnerable people [c.f., Ellen Bassuk, SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, July, 1984]. 

This has to be done, however, in the context of accepted economic laws and government policies that meet the standards of the SCIENTIFIC METHOD.  Note that Nixon founded the EPA in 1973. 

I will go non-animal meat [and vegetarian] when they get meat production done by tissue culture methods [NATURE magazine had had an article on new approaches that were being taken to achieve this objective – of the production of meat via tissue culture].


MORALITY implies FAIRNESS and JUSTICE, not pure equality.  Brain surgery is vastly different from taxi driving.

Laws have to be morally just laws.  The civil rights laws guarantee equal opportunity [and non-discrimination in hiring, pay, promotion, dismissal, and benefits]; NOT equal outcomes.


It is ethics and morality [and moral responsibility] that de-NAZI-fy the THEORY OF EVOLUTION.


Immanuel Kant

Michael Shermer, The Moral Arc [Griffin; 2016; reprint edition] [one of the Editors of SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN and a Jewish Republican]; Quantum Mechanics [and the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle] [in physics] implies a creator.  This book is sound with respect to how moral principles can be derived from scientific logic.

Michael Shermer, The Science of Good and Evil [Holt paperback; 2004 A.D.]

Shelly Kagan, Normative Ethics [Westview Press; 1997 A.D.; Yale University Department of Philosophy].   

There are objective standards of right and wrong in society [with judicial remedies and theological consequences].


Michael Shermer and Shelly Kagan are Jewish philosophers who felt the need to introduce normative morality and normative ethics into society.




Moral Responsibility


Free Will [from quantum physics]

The Concept of Evil

The Problem of Evil


On the six days of creation in the bible.  “A day to God may be 1000 years and 1000 years a day”; 2 Peter 3:8 in the New Testament.  Einstein’s theory of relativity.  How the six days of creation can coincide with the age of the universe.  A day to God may be eons to a person. 

The laws of the universe [including quantum physics and the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle; Heisenberg won a peace prize in 1957 because of the theological implications of quantum physics; this is when Hugh Everett’s Ph.D. dissertation [on the existence of parallel universes; the many world interpretation of quantum mechanics] [verifying the divine inspiration of the Lensman series of science fiction novels] was done at the Institute for Advanced Studies at Princeton] are consistent with Christian theology.


**The Devil’s Delusion:  Atheism and Its Scientific Pretensions, by David Berlinski, Basic Books, 2009 A.D.**

**Quantum Physics and Theology: An Unexpected Kinship, by John Polkinghorne, Yale University Press, 2009 A.D. [Physicist and Anglican Priest, former President, Queens College, Cambridge University, United Kingdom].**

**The Creator and the Cosmos, by Hugh Ross, Ph.D., 3rd Edition, 2001 A.D. [Reason to Believe Press].** 

**Visions of the Multiverse: Do parallel realities exist.  by Steven Manly [Weiser; 2011 A.D.; from Hugh Everett’s Ph.D. dissertation [1957 A.D.] at the Institute for Advanced Studies at Princeon].**


3] A total commitment to the covenant between God and Abraham.


“You ask the Jews among the Gentiles to abandon the law of Moses” Acts 21:21.  I learned [growing up] [as a Presbyterian] that the teachings of the New Testament superseded the teachings of the Old Testament.  This is especially important in dealing with homosexuality [which is not banned in the New Testament; it is the Book of Leviticus [part of the Law of Moses] in the Old Testament that bans homosexuality].

I suggest that everyone read Matthew 25:31-46 [and let it sink in].  I am going to remember on judgment day [the separation of the sheep and the goats] who did and did not have my back.

Most of the Jews who have been supporting me are Jewish Republicans [and J Street Jews] who believe in the totally honest use of science in economics and human genetics [along with normative morality].

“You have sick people [Jewish Supremacists who worship at the Synagogue of Satan:  Revelation 2:9; 3:9; and other people] [who reject the honest use of the scientific method and normative morality [based on absolute objective norms], and practice the politics of “power corrupts”, identity politics, and vengeance] in positions of power”.   I consider politics based on identity politics, political correctness, power corruption, personal views, and vengeance [rather than responsible and honest use of the SCIENTIFIC METHOD and NORMATIVE MORALITY [based on absolute, objective norms] based on a desire to achieve objectivity, fairness, and justice in society] to be an abuse of political power.

“The son of man was crucified in Sodom [DEEP THROAT] and Egypt [Roger Zelazny, CREATURES OF LIGHT AND DARKNESS; science fantasy novel based on Egyptian mythology]”: Revelation, 11:7-8 [1971-1980 A.D.].  The human trafficking hate crime committed against me at UAB [the University of Alabama in Birmingham] by the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Jewish Freedom Riders.

“Snake charms physiologist”; NATURE [LONDON] magazine; Ronald J. Bradley charms Warren Rehm, M.D., Ph.D., the chairman of the Department of Physiology at UAB.  Note the use of snake venom in four of our publications [1974-1976 A.D.], the reason that the President of Queens College at Cambridge University [Great Britain] [John Polkinghorne] [a world-renown physicist] resigned his position [in relationship to my NIH fellowship to Cambridge University in 1976] and went to divinity school.

Charles Koch had stated: 
“When one has total control of the media and wants to destroy the Christian Messiah in hatred of Christianity”.  Christianity does not recognize Jewish Supremacism [the Jews as the race destined to govern all of humanity] nor does it recognize Judaism as a separate religion.  It does recognize the Jewish people [the Jews have to add the New Testament to their teachings].  Jesus stated that he is the only way [John 14:6].

As someone posted “they will try to destroy you and then call it love”.

Delilah [the syndicated DJ; Messiahnistic Jew] stated “you love people and use things; not use people and love things” – referring to the behavior of those of the Jews [towards me, in particular] who are not interested in getting into the Book of Life [the “puppet-masters”].

“In the kingdom of God, there is no difference between a Jew and a Gentile, a man and a woman, and a master and a slave” – Galatians in the New Testament; the reason that the Jews [not in the Book of Life] hate Christianity and want to erase it from history.  Christianity ended slavery in the Roman Empire.

To those Jewish members of the National Academy of Sciences who posted a snake as an insult to me:  We make our moral choices and accept our fates when we die.  You had better believe that hell exists.

George Sachs, M.D. [UCLA] is calling Simon Wiesenthal [the NAZI hunter] if he is given a human trafficking sugar daddy [when he was at UAB] the way that I was [1971-1980].

“Repay no one evil for evil”; “vengeance is mine [and mine alone] [God] and I [God] will repay.” Romans 12:17-19. 

I do not want lectures from people not in the Book of Life on what justice is. 

Also, I am not jealous of billionaires who made their money honestly [based on the person’s own abilities and merits].



Jesus states “Judge not lest ye be judged” [Matthew 7:1-3; one of the most famous of the quotes of Jesus in the New Testament] on other people’s sins/imperfections [sin is the biblical term for imperfection [quantum mechanics]; sin is not the same thing as evil].  A true Christian does not judge someone on a person’s sexual orientation or non-malicious sexual behavior.  The definition I use for LUST is “sexual behavior with malicious intent” [such as rape].   I feel that what two [or more] consenting adults [by adult, I mean someone who is emotionally mature enough to understand what the person is doing; I prefer this definition rather than a specific age of consent] do in the way of sex is the person’s own business.  It is the issue of consent that is the important issue.

I support the protection of homosexuals [in the workplace] under the civil rights act of 1964.

Jesus states “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone at the prostitute/adulteress” [Book of John 8:1-11]. Nevada legalized prostitution at the same time that prohibition was ended.  This is the best way to keep sex trafficking and sex slavery out of the hands of organized crime – to have commercial sex all above ground and legal [and regulated in such a way that the money goes directly to the woman and not some pimp or trafficker]. 

I view magazines [and videos] from sources such as PLAYBOY to be simple and straightforward human sexuality and not anything evil.  We support the right to own guns that kill people but want to outlaw videos of people making love.

“People neither marry nor or are given in marriage after the resurrection [2nd coming of Jesus]” Matthew 22:30.  Fits in well with the hippie communes that I grew up with during the 1960’s.


Liberal democracy [with an independent judiciary that bases judicial decisions on the honest use of the SCIENTIFIC METHOD and NORMATIVE MORALITY; based on absolute norms] has proven to be the best solution to “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

Laws have to be morally just laws [in the context of the SCIENTIFIC METHOD].  The United States Constitution is a legal moral code in which certain rights are endowed to the people by a creator [it is NOT an atheistic constitution; this is separate from the separation of church and state].  It is also a constitution that is supposed to be interpreted based on NORMATIVE STANDARDS [as interpreted by the judiciary] – The Federalist Society Lawyers.   

**THE OPEN SOCIETY AND ITS ENEMIES, by Karl Popper [Christian; Messiahnistic Jew] [on the philosophy behind open-society Liberal Democracy].**

There are non-malicious and rational means [in many cases] for accomplishing objectives in society.  There is a moral responsibility to try to accomplish objectives in a non-malicious and rational manner, if possible.

“Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and render unto God that which is God’s” [Matthew 22:21]; “Let every person be in subjection to governing authorities.  For there is no authority except from God and those which exist are established by God” [Romans 13:1; in other words, laws and justice have to be based on the supremacy of the scientific method under the condition of normative morality].




2016 A.D. – present; retired [over 65 years of age].

1989 A.D. – 2016 A.D.; disabled [after being subject to psychiatric medical malpractice [told that I was “addicted” to my psychiatric medicine] when I went in for an alcoholism rehab in 1989 A.D.]; in 1998 A.D., I was placed on genuinely responsible medication that ended crippling OCD [obsessive-compusive disorder] attacks [minor brain damage; the reason I ended up on disability].  My Westinghouse disability contract specifically states that I have to be able to get a job that matches the credentials requirements for the job that I had when I went on disability.

1985-1989 A.D.; Engineer; Westinghouse Defense and Electronics Center [Baltimore, Maryland] [now owned by Northrop-Grumman].  Design and analysis of discrete Kalman Filters [used in RADAR tracking and developed at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology for use in the Apollo Space Program].  I wrote the most accurate Kalman Filter [in the computer programming language FORTRAN] that had ever been done in history [up to that time] and it [a self-tuning Kalman Filter] was written up in the Baltimore Sun when it was field-tested.  I was given a 4% raise [in 1989 A.D.] after 18 months from $32,000 to $34,000 per year despite this work accomplishment [you have sick people in positions of power at this Northrop-Grumman facility – when it was the former Westinghouse Defense Plant].

I was specifically told that there were managers who would block raises and promotions because of the stigma of my disability [and who I was in Jewish hatred [by certain parts of the Jewish community] of Christianity]. 

Yes, I  know what is going on.  If someone is LEGITIMATELY UNQUALIFIED [who is a member of a given race, ethnic minority, or gender identity] for admissions to an educational institution, a job, a raise, or promotion [and who is denied admissions, a job, or pay that is not commensurate with abilities], then the Jews [not in the Book of Life] do the same thing to me, even though I am fully LEGITIMATELY QUALIFIED [despite my disability]. 

Again, I apologize to the Jews in the Book of Life.



Amateur Radio: WA4QNJ [Novice Class license: age 11; General Class license: Age 12; Advance Class license: age 14]




B.S.E.E – Johns Hopkins University, Whiting School of Engineering, 3/4 completed, GPA 3.8/4.0, Class rank 5/144;  Hired by Westinghouse Defense [Baltimore, MD] in 1985 A.D. at the end of my junior year at Johns Hopkins University.  This was after my hospitalization [at Sheppard Pratt in 1983 A.D.] for schizophrenia.

NSF Postdoctoral Fellow [for 6 months], the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1980 A.D. .

Medical Student, University of Alabama [School of Medicine], 1977-1979 A.D.;  9 A’s, 1 B, 2 C’s [Basic Sciences];  Part I NBME scores 700 [98%]; had to leave at the start of my third year due to schizophrenia.  Treated in 1983 by Leo Cherrick, M.D. [placed on proper medication at Sheppard Pratt Hospital, Baltimore, MD];  Read SCIENCE [WASHINGTON] and NATURE [LONDON], 1987-1989 A.D. on subjects in mental health, substance abuse, alcoholism, and the Nobel Prize.  These papers were published with me in mind while I worked at the Westinghouse Defense Plant between 1985 and 1989 A.D.; “many mental patients are getting well thanks to advances in pharmacology” [SCIENCE, 1987]. 

PART I MEDICAL BOARD EXAM SCORES:  625 [92%] – Anatomy ; 625 – [92%] Biochemistry ; 585 [85%] – Behavioral Sciences; 665 [96%] – Physiology; 665 – [96%] Pathology; 735 [99%] – Pharmacology; 775 [99%] – Microbiology, Immunology, and Infectious Diseases. 


UAB was the Medical School that [when S. Richardson Hill, M.D. was president] screened based on family history of mental illness [in violation of Federal Law], the reason I was unable to finish medical school after treatment by Leo Cherrick, M.D. [at Sheppard Pratt Hospital in Baltimore, MD], in 1983.   S. Richardson Hill, M.D. [president of UAB when I was a student there] was actively complicit in the human trafficking hate crime against me.

MCAT [Medical College Admissions Test] Scores [1976 A.D.]:  725-verbal [99%]; 735-math [99%]; 575- General Information [77%]; 795-Science [99%] [200 – 800 scale].

NIH Post-doctoral Fellowship, Cambridge University, Laboratory of Denis Haydon [1976 A.D.]; Award is documented, but it was not activated due to proof of Ph.D. requirements [my Ph.D. was not finished at the time due to [now proven] false accusations [by Maurice Montal at the University of California at San Diego] of scientific fraud].

Ph.D. – 1978 A.D.; Physiology, University of Alabama [School of Medicine]; NSF Predoctoral Fellow; 1974-1977 A.D. [fellowship supplied by Henry Kissinger].

B.A. – Biology [emphasis on evolutionary anthropology]; 1973 A.D.; New College, Sarasota, Florida [when it was a private college that was one of the 35 most selective colleges in the nation].

3 800’s on my SAT’s [high school]. 

IQ = 195 [taken at Sheppard Pratt Hospital by Leo Cherrick, M.D. in 1983 A.D.].

Daniel Tosteson, M.D. [late Dean, Harvard Medical School] sat on the front row in 1977 [at the Biophysical Society meeting in New Orleans] for my Ph.D. dissertation.  Daniel Tosteson then first went to the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine as Dean [symbolic of ethical Hayek-Based capitalism where the monetarism school is located] and then to Harvard Medical School as Dean [symbolic of some form of government-sponsored universal health care such as what Canada has].  Henry Kissinger [of Harvard] is the person who got Richard Nixon to start anti-trust legal proceedings against ATT [the Ma Bell monopoly], gave me my NSF Predoctoral Fellowship, and tried to get Richard Nixon to implement some form of government-sponsored health care.  Other than this, I am a genuine capitalist [as of Teddy Roosevelt].




William O. Romine Jr,  The Direct Determination of Rate Constants and Onsager Flow Coefficients for Non-First-order Coupled Chemical Reactions of Any Degree of Complexity by Multispectral Chemical Relaxation Spectrometry, Chemical Physics Letters, 110(3): 2056-2058 [1984]

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Robert J. French, Jennings F. Worley III, Marc B. Blaustein, William O. Romine Jr, Kenneth K. Tam, Bruce K. Krueger, GATING OF BATRACHOTOXIN-ACTIVATED CHANNELS IN LIPID BILAYERS, Ion Channel Reconstitution, 363-383 [1986] [Springer], Book Chapter

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M. C. Goodall, R. J. Bradley, G. Saccomani, William O. Romine Jr, Quantum Conductance Changes in Lipid Bilayer Membranes Associated with the Incorporation of Acetylcholine Receptors, Nature (London), 250(461): 68-70 [1974]

William O. Romine Jr, G. M. Schoepfle, J. R. Smythies, G. Al-Zahid, R. J. Bradley, Pharmacological Evidence for the Existence of Two Sodium Channel Gating Mechanisms, Nature (London), 248(5451): 797-799 [1974]



1]  AIDS vaccine [2004 A.D.]; email posted to President James Wagner of Emory University, where the AIDS vaccine [the “flu shots” and the “allergy shots”] was developed [and distributed by the Center for Disease Control].  page 1 ; page 2 .  Verified by Floyd Bloom, M.D., former Editor of SCIENCE [WASHINGTON] magazine, and President Emeritus James Wagner [EMORY UNIVERSITY].

There really is an AIDS vaccine [the “flu shots” and “allergy shots”] and the knowledge of its existence is being maliciously suppressed [with a Mafia-like “code of silence”] for psycho sick left-wing political reasons [namely because I am the person who came up with the concepts behind the vaccine; I majored in evolutionary anthropology and the theory of evolution [in biology] in college, which is a political “no-no” in leftist parts of the academic community].  Also, I am not “politically correct” [I do not lie about science in human genetics, race, ethnicity, gender, cognitive abilities, behavior, and the central nervous system, unlike the political left] [I lean towards CATO, which was founded by Charles Koch] [and I come from an uncultured background [from the rural South] on my father’s side of the family, although my mother is of direct descent from Queen Victoria of [19th century] Great Britain; true Blue Blood].

I am a Teddy Roosevelt Republican [I was raised a Barry Goldwater Libertarian Republican by my mother, something that Charles Koch knew when he wrote his will] [I believe in the genuinely responsible [not malicious] use of the Sherman Antitrust Act to protect the integrity of the open capitalistic marketplace [to give people choices in the open marketplace] from monopolies, oligopolies, and cartels].  The Sherman Antitrust Act [and its successors] provides fairness and justice [in the workplace] to workers in terms of income, benefits, and working conditions [a worker, when there are multiple competing businesses involved, can threaten to go to a competitor [assuming he is not restricted by maliciously enforced malicious non-compete contracts] to rectify an injustice in salary and benefits].  I consider this vastly superior to the existence of labor unions [which have [repeatedly] destroyed the economies of all nations in which they have had widespread existence] in correcting workplace injustices.  Labor Unions [as opposed to the existence of genuine workplace mobility to correct work injustices] result in workers getting paid incomes that they are not worth [and often bankrupt a company or a nation] [c.f., what the labor unions had done to Great Britain when Margaret Thatcher came into power].

The Sherman Antitrust Act also guarantees the consumer open capitalistic choices in the marketplace.  The reason that the NFL is exempt from the Sherman Anti-trust Act has to do with the nature of the NFL professional draft where the weakest team has the first pick.

Also, as a Barry Goldwater Republican [as a kid], I read William Shirer’s RISE AND FALL OF THE THIRD REICH and made the observation [without any anti-semitism] that the Germans totally outfought the rest of the world until the Battle of Stalingrad [when Steve Rudelich stated “yes; we almost lost Great Britain”; it is called appeasement of a mad dictator –  what Neville Chamberlain did].  World War II was NOT Hogan’s Heroes [as the Jewish Forward, under Janer Eisner, acknowledged].  I am sick and tired of the Jews [not in the Book of Life] self-serving lies about my childhood.  I also make the observation that the Chinese [today] [as a totalitarian nation] are accomplishing what the NAZI’s only dreamed of doing; Hitler wanted to conquer the world overnight whereas the Chinese [today] are waiting until their economic might matches their Global military aspirations.

“They [the university faculty and administrators] have these cushy positions and they think that they do not have to answer to anyone”; Baltimore Sun [when I lived in Maryland and was trying to get a university position based on Nobel Prize quality research].

I also support the policies of Consumer Union [publishers of Consumer Reports] [even though it is a Democratic Party leaning organization] in protecting the public in the action of shopping in the marketplace.  I consider this a MORAL RESPONSIBILITY.

I consider responsibly designed [based on the SCIENTIFIC METHOD] standardized examinations such as the SAT’s, ACT’s, GRE’s, MCAT’s, and LSAT’s [along with grade point averages] to be part of consumer protection in education [as well as having the objective of making sure admissions policies to universities are based on merit, objectivity, fairness, and justice based on the scientific method and not on politics [including identity politics] or unjust social engineering policies; I do believe that the honest assessment of a person’s moral character does play a role in university admissions policies].  I consider the use of an “adversity index” [by the College Board and the Universities] [which is being performed in secret with the universities and I hope the use of which will be banned by the Federal Courts] to be a crude attempt at non-scientifically based social engineering.  I also agree with Charles Murray that the SAT has been heavily bastardized [such that the design of the test does not always follow the standards of the SCIENTIFIC METHOD] in the name of “political correctness”.

I do not like the term “diversity” being used as a racist ideological “code word” to discriminate against better-qualified people.  Humanity is based on genetic diversity [in the context of the existence of the process of genetic recombination in human genetics] but in the context of a capitalistic meritocracy based on objective, unbiased qualifications.

I believe in ETHICAL CAPITALISM [with justly defined property rights] [with the acknowledgment that there are some issues that are better handled by the government] and not SOCIALISM, however, for the most part.  Socialism has repeatedly destroyed the economies of all nations in which it has been tried [c.f., what the labor unions did to Great Britain prior to the election of Margaret Thatcher and her Tory government; Great Britain had economically become a third world nation].  Only on the left can one behave like NAZI brown shirts [I am referring to Antifa and the radical left] while accusing your peaceful opponents of fascism.

I do not like leftist demagoguery against the people who built the economic base of the United States and the Western World and Japan [and now India].  India [as a democracy] [the economic miracle in India] is now entering [since the economic reforms of 1991] into the realm of the wealth of the Western industrialized world, but it has taken several decades [as a democracy] of patient capitalistic economic growth [with genuinely responsible property rights laws] [and an independent judiciary] and this has not been accomplished by Marxist and leftist economic redistributionist policies. 

However, even though I subscribe to ETHICAL CAPITALISM [capitalism with a moral compass], I believe that society needs a sense of scientifically-based economic direction [but not as a planned economy] with the concept of a basic industrial policy [that abides by a code of legally enacted and legally enforced normative ethics in law, business, employment, and commerce] [with appropriate support of government-sponsored scientific research and with appropriate government patent law policies].

When a nation does not operate by genuinely responsible economic laws [most of the legitimate Nobel Prizes in economics have been won by Hoover Institute and CATO Institute sympathizing economic work], then one ends up like Venezuela and Cuba [and the Communist nations before the Berlin wall came down].

I support all legitimate civil rights laws [in the context of the use of the SCIENTIFIC METHOD as part of a SCIENTIFICALLY-BASED [class of people blind] MERITOCRACY in the design and enforcement of these laws] [with a legally enforced code of legal, education, employment, and business ethics connected with these civil rights laws].  I believe in a color-blind [or class of people blind] inclusive meritocracy in society.

On left-wing academic intolerance. [read this link; the Federal Courts are probably going to have to intervene].

2]  Cocktail chemotherapy [1995 A.D.]; verified by Floyd Bloom, M.D., former Editor of SCIENCE [WASHINGTON] magazine, and President Emeritus James Wagner [EMORY UNIVERSITY]; ended the virulent part of the AIDS epidemic and was the biggest breakthrough in infectious disease treatment since the discovery of penicillin.  Solved the problem of the development of drug resistance by microorganisms.  The concept is based on the fact that if one uses several drugs [all at the same time] on a microorganism, then mutations [that confer resistance to the drugs] must all occur simultaneously [all at the same time] to all of the drugs in the cocktail in order for the microorganism to survive the cocktail. 

3]  The solution to the problem of the general determination of rate constants in fast reaction kinetics for a fast reaction system [in chemistry and biochemistry] of any degree of complexity [at both the microscopic statistical mechanical level and at the macroscopic level of general fast reaction kinetics in chemistry; to the limits imposed by the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle].  A series of publications between 1976 and 1984 [based on Boltzmann statistics; classical statistical mechanics; not based on quantum mechanical [Fermi-Dirac] statistics; plenty adequate for use in general chemistry and biochemistry, the intended purpose] in the scientific journals Journal of Chemical Physics and Chemical Physics Letters. 

4]  The isolation of the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor [muscle and brain] and its reconstitution in artificial lipid membranes [we were the first people [in the world] to demonstrate [at the molecular level of single ion channels] the quantum level of nervous conduction].   Papers in NATURE [LONDON] and other top-quality scientific journals between 1974 and 1976. 

5]  Undergraduate thesis [for New College; Florida] published in NATURE [LONDON] [1974].